Wow! The Google Doodle for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Is an Entire Adventure Game...and It's Awesome! -

Wow! The Google Doodle for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Is an Entire Adventure Game…and It’s Awesome!

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Google Doodle Champion Island Games is the biggest and most elaborate one yet! Watch as Tom tries out synchronized swimming, skateboarding, and mountain climbing game events.
Video by: Tom

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  1. ANYBODY!!!! could give sum tips for the marathon one? Pleasee its so hard, or should i play it in pc?

  2. kinda gives me some ghiblisque vibes. dunno maybe its just me, and i really like it.

  3. 9:45 when i heard that song i had a sensation of Starfox or F-ZERO rythms

  4. You miss to pick a team on middle of the screen

  5. If anyone needs tips on winning the 1500m marathon, its impossible. JK its actually achievable but you would have to pull out a lot of hair like I did. Also when you reach top speed, don't press forward and stay back with a or the left arrow. It doesn't decrease your running speed but it gives you time to avoid those god damn heat-seeking missile crabs. Also when in doubt just use the shield. You need to do it before you are about to hit as I found that the shield takes like a millisecond to kick in. I also found it much easier to dodge the crabs by staying near the top and going the opposite way of the crab.

  6. i freaking love the song and animation so much in this!

  7. The gatekeepers are not moving to the side after tehir intro. (cf. 1:421:46) Is this also happening to someone else?

  8. Of all the challenges I still can't beat the marathon one, every other game was easy just not the marathon, too many obstacles and he doesn't go fast enough when you need it.

  9. They even have side quests. Let me repeat A GOOGLE DOODLE HAS SIDE QUESTS. They didn't have to but they did. Huge respect

  10. I Loved Play This Game. If It Was Released As A Legit Game It Would Either Be An Indie Game Or A Triple AAA Game Because It's So Popular

  11. Has anyone been able to return to the boat? I achieved all of the Trophies, yet I am unable to…

  12. Hi guys how i translate this game in any language, help me

  13. Reminds of good old JRPGs on the SNES. Great job!

  14. I played (and 100%) the game a day before it was officially up, and red team was still winning then…

  15. I got all 6 scrolls, have earned all the trophies and still when I want to go out from the boat, it says games are still left but I don't know where or how to complete it.

  16. Makes me want to replay one of the old Pokémon games

  17. I fucking hate this game, I mean, I like it but literally everyone at school wastes time playing this game. My friend(s) wasted half a day playing that. Fuck them.

  18. Some AAA releases are nothing compared to this freakin' doodle. Just saying

  19. This honestly reminds me of Yo-Kai Watch, since the cat character in the game kinda reminds me of Tomnyan

  20. can i restart it i just finished it its a fun game ngl

  21. The google doodles you can play are ALWAYS heat.

  22. I have beaten all the bosses and won all the prizes (cups) solving all the quests. How does it end? I have won also the second trial in the hidden door of some sports, but it doesn't go on. For example, after I have won the second climbing game (the one at 139m) I expected the owl Fukuro to come down from the mountain and come back in the dojo 🙄

  23. Really impressed by it. The dancing one is great!

  24. The games are so amazing and I finished all of it

  25. Find out this game today, few hours later it was completed… no idea how long it took but must have been at elastic two hours, great, cute, impressive

  26. are the characters from a anime or did google just invent them now ?

  27. It's really annoying to try to control on mobiles

  28. I can't beat the damned fukuro on the second challenge. How?


  30. I just beat the game…there were SO many side quests, lore, and hidden gems of conversations all throughout!! Like I felt like i was playing a Pokemon game, it was so much fun!! I kid you not some of those games with the bosses (climbing and rugby for me) were legit HARD TO BEAT!!! 10/10 would play again 🙂

  31. I just realized how Rare the main character Lucky is. He’s a Male Calico cat! That’s extremely rare!

  32. this game looks awesome, they need too make this game for the nintendo switch!!!

  33. The only cool google game we ever had

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