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Why They Added this NPC – Champion Island Google Doodle

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If you want a darker theory :
This goat challenges all the sports but he did not win any, so he became angry and injured. Hence, he waits at the port and warned any new visitors about the island. If you want a darker theory, maybe the grand champions injured him on purpose. If you want a lighter theory, he simply failed the sports so he became grumpy and simply tries to warn new visitor about the island !


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  1. His official name is "Ben" (Due to the artist responsible for creation of this character). RC7 version update (23rd of August) was a paraolympics update. Ben is a paralympic that came to the island.

  2. And 1 more thing this has been good for npc

  3. The Game: Champion Island
    The Description: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team

  4. He is there cuz google wanted to tell us that there is a new version of champion island and there are new things than the previous one …

  5. Probably to make people realize there's a new update.

  6. Ohhhhh……because of paralympics…

  7. There’s a lot more things in the new version(Semtember 05)

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