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What happens when you Refuse to Help ? | Doodle Champion Island

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Here are all the dialogues when you refuse to help or continue the side quests in champion island. Most of the replies are simple but some of them are quite .. interesting heh.

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  1. This just made lucky look rlly nosy and less helpful lol

  2. uh.. if i say no to everything then how do i get the spring water?

  3. Me after seeing the video:


  5. Ok so just theory, fact, whatsoever:When you/Momo decide to help them and earn all the trophies, Lucky is portrayed as a helpful, brave, courageous cat who simply love to help unconditionally, and sometimes awkward with the unexpected rewards (100 ramen bowls, cannot remember other evidence)When you/Momo decide not to help, Lucky is prtayed as someone who is… mindful of her own size? She's afraid of the Oni, and dare not to light the lanterns. She also lacks actual confidence, as she often says that she cannot help in this case, or just, like, care not about others? (this is shown when she chose to/not to find Daichi, as in the case she finds him, she said that athletes need to look out for each other while in the opposite situation, she just says she cannot help). Something about Lucky's mentality changes, not necessarily meaner, but more "carefree" and oblivious.Lucky wins nevertheless, time taken depending on the player/controller, and still restore the cherry blossom tree, and everyone is happy, but then there's Momo. You cannot unlock that task without all the others, therefore Lucky and Momo's actions affect each other. Simply put, if Lucky doesn't help them, Momo will be lost in time in that realm (Momo still wants to play the game even when she got out already and left the computer behind, meaning that the computer is only available in the realm? Extra theory: Momo is the only one to keep the portal on water to open, possibly a skill she learnt after the Magic Cat Academy 2 event)Lucky's lore is like of a child (and I believe she is a growing kitten tbh, she has quite a lot of Son Goku vibes :Đ) so both ways are reasonable.Just sth I came up randomly tho-Late but 9th btw :3 First time commenting 🙂

  6. Pls pls pls now can you make champion island glitches video pls I am saying from tooooo long

  7. I really miss this game😭😭😭thanks PicasYo😭😭😭

  8. Hey I'm back with da milk! I missed u picasyo! My place was visited by a typhoon so there was no power and internet! Congrats on hitting 6k subs! I have been here when u still had 1k subs!

  9. Pov: Lucky is a background/side character instead of a main character

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