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So Champion Island is officially over and there’s nothing too much to explore, or is it ?

Here we will dive in an explore some of the mysteries in the game from small to large to maybe stretching out a little bit. Sit back relax and we go questions some of the left over mysteries of the game.

Champion Island Secrets :

Cat Nap Enabler Trophy Guide :

Secret Beach’s Secret Character :

Sunken Red Bridge Trophy Guide :

Doodle Champion Island Playlist :

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  1. 1:11 Well, by the way Doodle Halloween 2020 was Underwater, thats why Momo's there

  2. 1:02 – I'd say it's a homage of sorts to Google's Halloween 2020 doodle where Momo's the main star (just like in 2016)
    That doodle takes place under the sea after all

    As for how Momo ends up in Champion Island … I'd say she wants to take a break after sending the ghosts away to space and decided to ask the pirate "catfish" to deliver her there

  3. The little owls are Fukuro's sons, since they're an smaller white owl and miss Fukuro the most by their dialogues.

  4. glad you put that empty spot mystery too thank you 😊

  5. 2:28 crossover between both of them since both the games are made my google so i guess thats not a valid question

  6. at 2:47 his thoughts are like a intellectual who observes his things and portraits them like a author while telling someone he is motivational speaker too since his words also shows us the aspect of our lives . Hope that clears up the question 😊

  7. I was thinking that why in the chess house there is no one to play with lucky. Momo and lucky can have a game

  8. 17 hours and already 3k views damn you get lot of views on google doodle videos

  9. 0.40 it's mean you need to play it again ( I think)

  10. I think Momo became the tropy master because when she was playing and got all trophys when playing

  11. I would like to inquire about the crab who asks for Melon bread and also the arcade machines and the cats playing the board game.

  12. question 1: you see kappas all over the place

    the map but actually they spy on people and lucky cat to tell their boss omg

  13. 2:47 Lucky does not know that she is being controlled and the kappa is contemplating on the fact that perhaps there is someone controlling everyone or maybe the kappa thinks that champion island is the only place where live beings exist

  14. Bro how to activate the gate of 2nd rugby I am not able to and the oni also lost somewhere

  15. mabye the pig with the ball at the start of the game and all the memories from the people who left are in the ball.

  16. people will start playing the next game

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