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So Champion Island is officially over and there’s nothing too much to explore, or is it ?

Here we will dive in an explore some of the mysteries in the game from small to large to maybe stretching out a little bit. Sit back relax and we go questions some of the left over mysteries of the game.

Champion Island Secrets :

Cat Nap Enabler Trophy Guide :

Secret Beach’s Secret Character :

Sunken Red Bridge Trophy Guide :

Doodle Champion Island Playlist :

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  1. she looks hungry maybe she can sometimes sports make us hungry

  2. 0:31 I think it is because if you leave the game, your progress will start over, so the meaning of "you will forget everything" means like if you leave and come back, you will have to start over the game

  3. 3:36 is probably underwater train and it lead to where? there a task to stop rain on pengu island

  4. Well what I know so far with the Momo story
    Momo arrived at Champion island and she beat the game and got all the trophies One day she wanted to explore the island as the cat in the volcano saw momo going in the boat in the docks which lead to her falling in that whirlpool and getting underwater so the impostor of the trophy master was pretending to be it while Momo was playing Doodle Champion island which led to The original chosen one sleep while lucky beat the game.

  5. 2:07 the owls came from the eggs that their mothers laid

  6. 2:34 In Pangolin love game, he can go from Ghana to Philippines so he is on the champion island is not a mystery
    3:10 I think Lucky cant finish 50 bowls of ramen because when the noodle shop owner asked for the second time,
    she still lingered it
    3:30 The train go around the island

  7. 1:05 Its underwater because in momo's latest adventure (Halloween 2020) she had gone underwater to save the mer-cat and the sea creatures

  8. 2:29 Perhaps it could be that the female purple pangolin from pangolin love wanted to meet olly the otter at the secret beach, but maybe lucky was too late, she (lucky) could not unblock the path to the secret beach on time, so olly couldn't come to the secret beach, thus the purple pangolin was very offended that olly didn't come to meet her but she (purple pangolin) stayed at champion island until the games were over, and during that time she (purple pangolin) made arrangements to meet with the red pangolin, and when the games were over, and lucky had set off on a new adventure, she ( purple pangolin) goes to the phillipines to meet up with red pangolin.

    This would mean pangolin love takes place after champion island, therefore a more liable explanation is that the pangolin is actually red and purple pangolin's son, because his scales are reddish purple.

  9. 2:49 the kappa is getting closer to the discovery that his/her existence isnt real, just a detail in a game

  10. Wish the google doodle company will answer these questions

  11. Leticya Bellvanya Simanjuntak 1719044 says:

    at 2:16 , I think no.. he attack the hot springs..

  12. 0:38 may be they made up that because we have to restart the game again .

  13. The questions: Blah Blah Blah
    My brain: That's It! I'm going on vacation

  14. Yes cat are scared of water but… some cat likes water

  15. 1:16 because in magic cat academy 2020 , momo meets mercat sugar so that means

    She was transported to the champion island

  16. Also, who is that flute player in the beginning cutscene on Lucky's boat? Why does he dissapear when we play? Who even is he?

  17. 1:02 My theory the former champion is taken by the champion before lucky

  18. 3:16 yes lucky can

    eat 1 each day and 50 days later all the ramen will be gone

  19. 3:28 I saw a player tried to explore that door and inside it was a God level of Synchronized Swim

  20. I noticed that where did that rain boy went?

  21. The train goes around the island i think, becouse when it starts raining in the bamboo forest, its the little boy thing that lost his train ticket that goes around the islands fault. Becouse he wanted to share his rain with every one!

  22. Grammar Check
    1.) All correct
    2.) All correct
    3.) Why those who LEAVE Champion Island FORGET everything THAT HAPPENED there
    4.) The scrolls, DO they posses some kind of power
    5.) THE former CHAMPION, did HE WIN anything before Lucky's arrival
    6.) The secret portal to find MoMo, why is it underwater, AREN'T CATS scared of water
    7.) How did MoMo END up in Champion Island anyway
    8.) If MoMo and Lucky LEAVE Champion Island, would that MEAN they will forget about each other
    9.) How did MoMo BECOME Trophy Master
    10.) All correct
    11.) Where is MoMo's / Lucky's next adventure
    12.) Where DO these little owls COME from
    13.) Is Fukuro the God of this island because HE can create life using HIS tools
    14.) How did Pangolin Love END up here
    15.) All correct
    16.) All correct
    17.) All correct
    18.) All correct
    19.) All correct
    20.) All correct
    21.) All correct

    Wrong's: 18 All correct's: 12 Right's: 87 Total score: 117? (God I forgot how to do Math)

  23. About the train, inside the windows I saw some animals (AKA citizens of Tanooki City) is in there. They look like screaming for help.

  24. i dont know how to win Artistic swimming can you make a video for it plz

  25. I know answer to one question all the owls came from the climbing person

  26. Momo is from another dimension,or maybe the alternative version of lucky the cat

  27. Yoichi's horse is not a horse. its a horse like wheelchair

  28. Momo may have came there because the ghost might be the on doodle champion island, OR it may be that she came here by accident. The ghost could be The mother of ushima taro (idk how to spell it though:( ) could be the one ghost that momo was looking for! And that boat maybe that one that momo and sugar. Thats all for tool lol .

  29. The secret portal to find Momo, i think that is actually Momo's boat, but a part is missing but since i found the new game Magic Cat Academy 2, Momo isn't afraid of water

  30. I got all trophies in Olympic google game and all the scrolls except the rock climbing one 😢

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