TROPHY MASTER - PART 8 (ENDING) | Doodle Champion Island 2021 -

TROPHY MASTER – PART 8 (ENDING) | Doodle Champion Island 2021

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Welcome to the Episode 8 of my Google Doodle Champion Island Games 2021!
We play as Lucky on Champion Island where we play a variety of mini-games, try to defeat all 7 Sports Champions & collect all Sacred Scrolls! 🐱

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  1. 4:19 tigerofwind thats pagolin from pagolin love a google game also

  2. I finsh all the games, but i did not finsh the task so need your help.

  3. 04:17 it must be the one from the love letter in video 3, from that quest about the lost book

  4. tiger there are two more codes coming in two more days! dont forget to make the video for codes

  5. Mystery: in the dancing section there is another island with a red gate, but it is inaccessible due to water.
    It is on the south from the three sisters' gate. You can barely it, but you can see a segment of a 4th gate when walking properly

  6. finally another person on yellow team

  7. I thought yellow team was second place

  8. whenever i read the cat nap enabler the bird says zzz wqmofe something like that could u help me out with that?

  9. I literally finished all the sports, and nothing, well i'm also on the yellow team, but i we can't do anything about us being last tho, so….yeah😒, thats disappointing

  10. actually i m also stuck in here thinking that the game is finish but its not dont know how to finish it

  11. Hey dude, the paralympics is going and Googlers redeveloped the game. Now there are two new trophies so please complete the game and see the ending.

    (I mistakenly chose the red initially and then I reset the game to switch to kappa)

  12. You can leave the island. You have to beat EVERY extra level. There are at least 2 levels for every game. Some have 3. When you beat them all, the stone statues are at the dock again and they will ask if you really want to leave. If it says, there are still games to play, you have missed some of them. When you leave the island, the credits will roll for the people who created it

  13. actually to get the true ending with the update, you just need to complete the very last quest they have in the update.

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