The Google Doodles Champion Island Games! -

The Google Doodles Champion Island Games!

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Play Google Doodle: Champion Island Games until the End of August!

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  1. Wow I was playing this today at school

  2. Probably the best thing Google has produced for its website 👌

    It gives off Studio Ghibli vibes and I love it so much

  3. the strat for the arrowsare just spam and move from side to side

  4. LOL this has such a different vibe compared to Celine’s google doodle video I love it

  5. love it the tilt is real
    I really enjoy Aria's videos soo much xD
    looking forward to every video this really made me laugh it's just wonderful

  6. Skips all instructions
    1 second later: "how do i play this game?"

  7. i can def relate to aria here that archery one was easily the only one that gave me trouble that was way harder than it needed to be

  8. Celine playing: calm, relaxed, mega chill
    Aria: proceeds to release more destructive energy than an active volcano

  9. Poki brought me here & now I'm addicted to your channel.

  10. arrow one hardest, rock climbing one easiest, rugby one most fun, skateboard least fun imo

  11. Why do you make simple games look harder then they are. They give you Instructions before 😑🤦‍♂️

  12. guys whats your highest score in swimming…i got 60600 with all notes hit…but not all of them were perfect…i tried like 10-12 times

  13. Who's talking in the background? The guy sounds like Brodin😶

  14. Does anyone know where to find the small interview that they had at around 11:25 because it sounded really interesting

  15. First Name: Aria
    Middle Name: Malding
    Last Name: Saki

  16. What is Jesse Eisenberg doing in the background?

  17. Realtalk…watching other people do the climbing makes me feel better about doing the climbing…..cause I was bout to break something…

  18. I just noticed that during the rythm game section the cat dances a lot lesser than the other characters. Plus he/she's the only one who's not smiling. Guess it's cuz he's nervous

  19. Dev Guy in the back was so right, the only reason I played again (and spent far too many hours in it) was because of the quests. Once I found the trophy room I had to get all of them. Through doing the quests I did eventually play some of the games and I managed to get to the top of the mountain even though I failed probably 10x as many times as Aria. The best doodle game I have ever played. And I loved the bit of lore about the other game included. Great experience, really something for everyone.

  20. I think struggled with the climbing contest too, know you pain😂😂😂

  21. in archery, took me a couple of tries till i realize after 15 seconds, i could go berserk and aim at random places bc the arrow doesn't load as long. And in rugby, I don't have to pass
    the ball and just keep going (teamwork can be a sucker) climbing took me a whole couple of restarts, swimming is my favorite bc it's just like fnf, tennis, and skateboard are the easiest.

  22. Okay That callenge if the Dance it was hard as Hell Friday Funky is more easy that this thing 12:42

  23. I win that all seven games like yesterday

  24. hahaha! failed climbing at 1st time lol!

  25. Google called the right person for the job
    RIP Keyboard

  26. For artistic swimming you can do qwop makes it much easier

  27. She literally missed the slowest note
    The worst part is it was the last note
    You are never supposed to miss that last note
    Thats shameful

  28. I will playing this game 👻 i will like this emoji 🤯😵😑

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