The Google Doodle Lore: Explained -

The Google Doodle Lore: Explained

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Google Doodles have been an essential part of the website for decades – but did you know that there’s also an entire Google Doodle Cinematic Universe? One on the level of having actual lore, character arcs, connected stories, and more?
Over the past eight years, the team of doodlers at Google have been slowly piecing together a massive series filled with dozens of characters, stories, games, animations, and more – a series which is far from over. In this video, we’ll be solving the mystery of the series, and unraveling the secrets of the Google Doodle Lore.


This video was a massive undertaking, and I want to thank everyone who helped me out in its creation.

Music used in the video is provided by ​⁠@remsoda, ​⁠@qumumusic, and the Google Doodle team. Listen:

Great Ghoul Duel 2 gameplay footage is provided by ​⁠@mol1257 and ​⁠​⁠​⁠​⁠​⁠@ViciousBee . You guys are lifesavers!
Some photos used in the video are from

All doodles in the video can be found at


Nate Swinehart @nateswinehart7743 – keep up the amazing lore building you’ve got going! Your work is amazing! 🐈‍⬛
The Google Games Community 🎮, Champion Island Games 🐱, and Great Ghoul Duel Discord servers 👻 – thanks for all your help in uncovering the lore!
The Magic Cat Academy, Champion Island Games, and Great Ghoul Duel fandom pages – providing invaluable backgrounds and information!


0:00 – Introduction
1:01 – The Global Candy Cup
4:11 – Magic Cat Academy
11:38 – Earth Day 2017
13:09 – Jinx’s Night Out
18:33 – The Great Ghoul Duel
23:52 – Magic Cat Academy 2
27:15 – The Doodle Champion Island Games
35:30 – The Great Ghoul Duel 2
40:35 – Celebrating Bubble Tea
45:54 – Celebrating Pani Puri
47:43 – Timeline and Story Recap
52:57 – Conclusion

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This video analyzes the lore of Google doodles, with characters like Momo the cat, Lucky the cat, and the candy cup witches along with many games such as The Great Ghoul Duel, Magic Cat Academy, The Doodle Champion Island Games, and animations like Jinx’s Night Out. JJJreact


  1. i never thought i would actually see utada hikaru being mentioned in the creation of a google doodle.


  3. Me who actually knew this when his video didn’t come out I know all the lore and I respect for you making this vid W also in Halloween 2020 I was going for a WR speedrun

  4. Why the candy cup soundtrack so good 😂

  5. ok- is nobody going to talk about how jinx looks just like juno from ruler of everything, but as a ghost??

  6. do you think the golden retriever from magic cat academy is connected to the blue witch from 2015? its said she likes golden retrievers and the dog has something blue on under their robes

  7. ༻𓊈𒆜JAP_Blueberries𒆜𓊉༺ says:

    Google Doodle has lore!!??!!

  8. Champion Island games just broke every single wall

  9. I honestly hope that Jinx comes back later on in the story, he had such a short role in that singular doodle.

  10. The reason why the ghosts can be inanimate objects is because after 100 years something that you own become sentient and has a soul and when it dies it becomes a ghost

  11. Lucky and Momo are dating, trust me, it's totally canon. I asked them myself.

  12. at the beginning of the doodle champion games i think the boat captain is Sugar, due to the hat looking quite similar to the 2nd Momo game

  13. i have a theory that the ghost cat that can heal you in momo academy is the same as the green cat ghost in the ghoul duel

  14. I can complet the champion island game in 30min including the side quest

  15. The music for the Doodle Champions game was all composed by Qumu! The amount of detail that went into the Doodle Champion Island Games is exquisite. The Stone Guardians that Lucky meet when she arrives on the island are based on Komainu, which are lion-dogs that traditionally guard the entrance or gate of a Shinto shrine to ward off evil spirits. Tengu are originally thought to take the forms of birds of prey and a monkey deity, but the table tennis champ is Sōjōbō who is the king of the Tengu. Yoichi is from an epic called The Tale of the Heike, and during the Battle of Yashima in 1185, the enemy Taira placed a fan atop a pole on one of their ships, daring the Minamoto warriors to shoot it off. Sitting atop his mount in the waves, his target atop the ship rocking as well, Nasu nevertheless shot it down with only one shot.

    Kijimuna are child-like woodland creatures native to Okinawa who live in trees, especially banyan trees like the one on the beach! They are also known to be excellent fisherman, able to catch many fish, but then only eating one of the eyes of the fish before leaving the rest of it. A kijimuna may offer to carry a human on its back as it leaps through the mountains and over the seas. When you go to Tanuki City, you learn that tanuki is hiding in a tea kettle, and this is reference to the tale of Bunbuku Chagama where a tanuki shapeshifts into one but later gets stuck in a half tanuki-half tea kettle form and performs tricks for treats.

  16. I’m glad to learn a lot of the lore behind Google. I always enjoy looking into googles world and the art that shows this team loves to create something wonderful and simple to look at. It’s wonderful to know they archived their work so we can revisit or explore what they’ve created over the years. Especially when something comes along and the next day you go to the page and it’s gone. It also makes me think of sites like Nick when they make cool events games or shorts just to stop working or removed over time. This was such a cool video! I really enjoyed it. I had an idea on how in some doodles we see worlds almost completely full of non-human/animal characters and others where the animal characters are featured alongside humans like in pani puri.

    What if there are two separate worlds, our world and the doodle world. The doodle world (or possibly worlds) contains all of the characters featured in google doodles as well as locations like the magic cat academy and champion island. In terms of how characters travel between the worlds I have two separate ideas; Idea #1 all doodle characters can travel freely between doodle worlds and they real world, in some cases breaking the fourth wall like on champion island. Idea #2 the only characters that can travel freely between the doodle worlds and our world are Momo and her friends thanks to Momo’s Spell book. That’s why we see characters like Froggie and Lucky reoccurring alongside Momo so often and also how we can see them interacting with humans outside of the doodle worlds and in the real world.

  17. Okay, here's my piecing together of the lore: Humans, ghosts and animals live together in this world, but probably have different origins, with their own countries and territories. At some point, Ghosts waged war. As we can see, ghosts were antagonistic both in the Candy Cup and the Magic Cat Academy Games. The turning point of this war was Magic Cat Academy 1, where in the warmongering leader of the ghosts launched an attack on the institution and absorbs the power of the magic spell book, which is apparently a very strong artifact of magical power. Or perhaps it contained magical knowledge required by the ghost boss to attain his ultimate goal?

    At the end of the series of events that happen in the games, we see that the Ghost forces have completely been defeated. This makes Momo the Cat a War Hero and also gives her massive Ghost PTSD. By the time we reach Jinx's Night Out, it's been a solid few years until the Ghost Wars ended. Ghosts still immigrate to the Human and Animal territories but are often faced with discrimination and fear (since well, they're ghosts!). Ghosts also just naturally like grimy and run down places, which explains why Jinx lives in such a weird house. Additionally, I think Jinx and the evil Ghost boss are related in some way, since Jinx just has a picture lying around (which he doesn't seem to like)

    Somewhere between that, Champion Island happens. It's a yearly event organized on an animal nation. It exists near the seams of reality, so various memories and events exist as videogames and other forms of medias. This is also why leaving Champion Island erases all memories of it. They fade away into various forms of media. Momo at some point probably after graduating, moved to this island to lead a peaceful life, getting a job as the local Trophy Master. During these games, we follow Lucky, who quickly becomes the grand champion on the island, and eventually discovers Momo's mysterious magic portal where she has surprisingly been playing the memories of Lucky who has played the memories of Momo. Here they bond over this and either date or become good friends as shown in the Boba Tea Doodle. I err more on the dating side because-

  18. I think the reason we don't see the yellow witch anymore is because after Momo gained sentience she went off to college where the events of the magic cat academy 1 & 2 happen.

    after that occurs Momo becomes famous which is why she gets games and an anthology in her likeness as seen in the Champion Island Games. I don't think all ghosts are evil, just that one ghost who wanted the spell book and the group that followed them. considering that there is a gym coach and a librarian among them, they could be plotting revenge against the school for whatever reason. The reason Momo is afraid of Jinx is she has PTSD or something and the reason Jinx has all those photos of evil ghosts could be either they were one of the evil ghosts' army OR the evil ghosts became popular which would make sense with this theory seeing as Momo herself would be popular if they made a game after her.

    Momo probably starts travelling the world at this point because Jinx's Night out seems to be in a wildly different location than the school. Weather Frog and Fox follow suit because they're all friends. this eventually takes them to the Champion Island where Momo and co. seem to settle down (although the fox is missing) and there she meets Lucky and they fall for each other. Considering the frog is with a different person in the pani puri game we can assume that you lose memory after you leave Champion Island, but lucky and Momo are still together. Maybe they fell for each other again or maybe the frog is just in line with a different person and they found a way to leave and keep their memories of Champion Island. the fact that champion island is also a video game probably means the latter option is true. Considering we don't see the fox in this game either, we can assume they parted with Froggy and Momo sometime between Champion island and Jinx's night out.

  19. yo
    no game this year but there's momo, lucky and froggy

  20. 9:13 Also, the golden retreiver is wearing blue, and Blue loved golden retrievers so…

  21. Why does that last couple frame of the video that look like lucky doing suspicious things to Momo

  22. 44.36 DAMN THESE BITCHES GAY Good for them👍

  23. bro doodle champion island games is a BANGER i love that game

  24. wait when the fuck did google have lore

    how many things have lore

  25. I wouldn't say that momo's school is abandoned for the ghoul duels, but rather is being used as a temporary playing field during the holiday since there wouldn't be any students there. This would explain why momo was originally supposed to be the referee and why the school doesn't seem to be dilapidated and scavenged like most abandoned places are.

  26. After watching the scene where lucky gets the Sycronicesd Dancing scroll I realized she is underwater. With, no helmet or whatever. Breathing fine.

  27. the biggest disappointment is that there is no indication as to if the lonely t-rex and snake game are canon


  29. in my opinion, the ghosts turning green and purple in the great ghoul duels is most likely the equivalent of an athlete simply putting on a jersey

  30. Back in 2021 to 2022 i would play champion island

  31. Normal people: Google doodle

    Students: free unblocked games that the teacher cant ban

  32. most of the comments are over 2 months old but the halloween doodle this year wasent what you predicted. please do a sequal to this in some time, thanks

  33. i wouldn't stop until i had completed all of the google doodles with momo and lucky INCLUDING all of the trophies and secret levels

  34. I had NO idea the lore was this complex, but this video helped me appreciate just how much thought Google puts into each doodle It's astounding!

  35. it should be if you search they lore on google google should stop you and say what you tryna do?

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