The Blue Headquarters - Google Doodle Champion Island Games (Olympics Tokyo 2020) -

The Blue Headquarters – Google Doodle Champion Island Games (Olympics Tokyo 2020)

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idk somebody might want to see this…

would love to see the red and yellow ones, If yall know a video or can record one, upload it and comment down below.

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  1. 1:25 Well, the yellow team has really got first place, as my homie said there. guess it's all planned from the beginning

  2. I'm sorry, but does anybody know where the yellow headquarters are? I've found every colors' except for mine X(

  3. Green headquarters are near the swimming session / area, and red is (I think) in the lava area where rugby is

  4. I found Yellow! Its near the table tennis area. you to all the way to the right, and up. there are many abandoned (houses?) and the yellow headquarter is similar in looks.

  5. The yellow headquarters is in the table tennis area if you teleport to that part of the island then keep walking right, past the sunken bridge from the rain there will be the fox like creatures standing out side and you have found it!

  6. Red is a library and is on Oni Island to the east (rugby), yellow is in the table tennis area (not sure what's in it) aka table tennis, and green (the all time superior one) is in the artistic swimming area and is a sort of pond area.

    Everyone support the green team, don't let the bootiful Kappas become sad ;-;

  7. When you have completed the game and getting bored just go to settings and start a new 🙂

  8. the kappa seduced me into green…it’s last place…

  9. Hi, what screen recorder did ya use? YELLOW TEAM FOR LIFE

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