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Tengu Village Is Strange | Google Doodle Champion Island

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A village in bamboo forest, resides with Tengu, Kitsune, the rain spirit amefuri kozo, an octopus and maybe an Okka ( frog yokai / monster ) stood by the bridge. All the villagers left the village because of Tengu creates strong gust of wind whenever he plays table tennis. Or is it because of all the yokai in the village ?

Team yellow headquarters can be found in the village and there are total of 3 table tennis games available. The weather of inside the village is always rainy because of the rain spirit got left behind during his trip. You will help the rain spirit to get a ticket so he can travel to somewhere else and the village will be free from rainy days.

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  1. I think one of the reasons why the Inaris don't leave is because they also have wind powers. In the intro, the Inari appears in a small green cyclone.

  2. Remember : To do the Fan Quest you need to Talk With a Fox inside a House, then you go to Tennis Dojo, and follow the steps.And to do the Rain quest, talk with the Weather Frog, then Go Behind the Tennis Dojo and Follow the Steps.

  3. recently founded your channel so glad you are interested in this great google doodle game your videos are awesome keep up bro

  4. Awesome Video , Btw how can I Fix my FPS . Thank you

  5. Wait.. As I know tengu say "Maybe you're really the chosen one" ???

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