SirTapTap Plays Tokyo Olympics 2020 Google Doodle | (Doodle Champion Island Games) -

SirTapTap Plays Tokyo Olympics 2020 Google Doodle | (Doodle Champion Island Games)

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A Sports RPG? SirTapTap plays Doodle Champion Island Games for PC!
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Play it here:
Comment a timestamp if I missed something!
Doodle Champion Island Games 0:00
Skateboarding 3:47
Artistic Swimming 8:22
Rock Climbing 14:38
Ping Pong 17:27
Archery 19:51
Rugby 22:40
Sidequest stuff 24:57
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  1. Honestly I didn't realize the game was about Olympics until AFTER the first stage xD. Still I love the art, I'm gonna play the rest later cause this is super cute x3

  2. Gurl people say shit about FF8 and I'm just gonna enjoy cause it's really fun, nobody's gonna tell me otherwise bish. I do need to complete it still ;-;

  3. This was such a cute and fun thing for Google to do

  4. Ohhhh YEAH that would be AMAZING to have a Yume Nikki game with these graphics #-#

  5. Ok like…. DAMN the CGs are REALLY good #-#. Like it's short but the animations are so good.
    Also =Kappa… Not wrong xD

  6. "Olympic underwater dancing"?…. Don't you mean synchronized swimming? xD

  7. "Everyone went Red and Yellow" Sorry I'm gonna go Red…. Daddy crow xD

  8. Recommend short games for me to check out! I want to do some more ~15 minute quick look videos

  9. Samurai Pizza Cats is legendary, the animation is still good and the english dub is hilarious!

  10. It was common for traditional japanese homes to be raised above the ground to keep the flooding off of the tatami floor, lots of homes were near the coast so simple rainstorms could cause flooding.

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