SECRET HIDDEN LEVEL! | Google Doodle Champion Island | Full Gameplay AFTER 7 SPORTS COMPLETE -

SECRET HIDDEN LEVEL! | Google Doodle Champion Island | Full Gameplay AFTER 7 SPORTS COMPLETE

Yu Ching Chiu
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Google released a new doodle game!
After you achieved all Trophies Achieved, there is some SECRET HIDDEN LEVEL!
Climbing and Marathon are not easy to play 😣
Check out those videos and help you want to find out more about the game :

FULL WALKTHROUGH helps you Achieved All TROPHIES !!:

7 SPORTS COMPLETE – ENDING Champion Island Games:

0:00 Climbing
1:00 Marathon
4:24 Table Tennis
10:01 Synchronised Swimming
12:28 Skateboarding
14:11 High score Skateboarding
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  1. I think there are more hidden sports cause when lucky returns to boat ,he says no there are more to play and that water sport and table tennis had 3 games while the others had 1 or 2

  2. I only found the secret level of skateboarding, ping pong and climbing.

  3. I have got the marathon, climbing, rugby, artistic swimming and skateboarding they are kinda hard exept skateboarding

  4. World Record of Highest Score of Skatboarding

  5. where is the secret level for archery and rugby? Any else I've found but those two

  6. notyoutuberproallybutimproatrobloxobbysnotalotloli says:

    Marathon tip: stay on the orange floor for speed
    Skateboarding(any):just play hide and seek
    And nose grabs and barrel rolls
    Nose grabs: press the button on your right
    Barrel rolls:⬅️⬆️O
    (o is jump button press the o before doing barrel roll)
    Just incase someones a noob and new!

  7. Hold down the space so it will be easier for you to climb

  8. Bro 2nd marathon is freakin hard like theres that one runner will run very fast and surpass everyone by 30+ meters

  9. Artistic swimming is to hard i can't keep up!

  10. i never see giant leg crabs in marathon!

  11. I have beaten all the champions in the game and the the highest score is me not blue green red and yellow your are noting🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙💩💩👺👹☠️👿😈⚡💢💢💥💨💨😾😾🤙

  12. The climbing and skate was still able to play anytime
    When im going to get a water from the mountain for a blue bull. There subway to go to skatepark. And even i played the climbing secret level too. But that is impossible to finish.

  13. how to high score in skateboard
    space – left – right – left – right – left – right – space
    you can spinning like a helicopter

  14. I really hope Google makes something like this again. Had a blast playing this. Awesome video, by the way!

  15. i think they added new hidden challenge which is rugby!!!!

  16. And I thought getting 50k for skateboarding was good haha

  17. For me there’s a different version of yoichiro the archer that’s 100 times harder I have not found any tutorials on how to beat him is he just impossible? I’ve tried everything I could to beat the guy but he always gets atleast 10k above me

  18. there is one hidden level in rugby too
    after you help the little oni then u will gte access

  19. marathon was the worst, who the brings a bicycle to a fucking marathon ?

  20. i found another rugby level, near the mission of the oni too short to play in a rugby team

  21. I was really happy when you finished the climbing in the extra lvl.

  22. There is also secret yoichi leve; on the top left

  23. There is an version of the Rugby.
    There is a short hight oni in the oni iland who needs to get some courage so we need to get to the library in the city ( where we can skateboard ) and then they will tell that the last copy was send to the climbing dojo and then in the second room of it there will be an owl on the bottom right and we can take the book from him and then give the book to the little oni. ( and then we can earn a trophy ) We can play the second version of rugby.
    For Archery the one who's lucky arrow was gone on the top of the archery dojo. We can either go right or left from where he is standing so we need to go to the left and then we can play the second version of archery.

  24. There is two more that were just added

  25. I found both the secret levels on synchronized swimming before this video

  26. maybe I'm missing something, but isn't there another harder rugby level after you complete a quest.

  27. Synchronised swimming is basically fnf underwater

  28. I played the another tennis table after the rain goes, it's easi3re because Tengu spams balls and power shot throws all balls on the screen

  29. 7 minutes in the vid i cant finish that level even the score of my enemy 20!!!!!! I reset the game still nothing

  30. Iam not able to jump that much higher in that climbing game, I don't know why??

  31. My Scores:
    Archery: 6500
    Artistic Swimming: 22770
    Skateboarding: 34970
    Climbing: 86
    Ping Pong: 3500
    Rugby: 1830
    Marathon: 0 :49. 16

    @Yu Ching Chiu You Are An Expert

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