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Overworld – Doodle Champion Island Games

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Music: Overworld
Composer: Qumu ()
Platform: PC, Mobile

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  1. Was totally expecting a Chocobo rip, but this is good too. Enjoyed the game more than I thought I would.

  2. i'm not sure how, but i think Overworld would fit nicely with Lo-Fight.

    Not sure if that's relevant anymore, though. Whitty's gone…

  3. Holy shit Google Doodle rips?? Halloween 2018 next please??

  4. Wow. I just finished the game yesterday. Best day ever.

  5. expected rude buster, but that's fine too

  6. Can someone's tell me on what celebration is this game based on?

  7. I wasn't really expecting this, but I'm all for it

    Coincidentally, I finished the game yesterday and it was a nice lil experience, so it's rather nice to see it get remixed like this.

  8. This game is a surprisingly good way to waste like 2-3 hours sure besides the minigames it’s just fetch quests but it’s nice

  9. Since I played this on a Samsung phone so that fits like a glove

  10. Surprised that you did this especially since I played this earlier

  11. I'm expecting a rip for the synchronized swimming songs too

  12. Now I know what this game is called. Thanks SiIva.

  13. i got all the 22 trophies on that game,really fun!

  14. It would be pretty nice a magic cat academy rip, but sadly it has only like 4 tracks lol

  15. I was really hoping you'd make a rip of this game lol

  16. are we gonna get more google rips soon????

    I thought this game was really not popular and I wanted a video about it like this one!

  18. I like how the "D's" are replaced with the "G's."

  19. Fun fact: the game And-Kensaku has a spirit in smash, which is a game developed by Nintendo and Google. Yes this means Google is represented in smash.

  20. I'm so glad I wasn't the only person who could only hear the samsung alarm.

  21. Behold. The only game I managed to 100% Complete BEFORE SiivaGunner uploaded a rip on it. How'd you like those skills?

  22. Fun fact: This game was made by the same company that runs Stadia.

  23. All rips aside, this was actually a really fun game.

  24. Fuck crabs in the kijimuna marathon all my homies hate crabs in the kijimuna marathon

  25. guys how do you beat archery im genuinely stuck

  26. google games are always so good because schools can’t block them for one, and they’re always pretty fun

  27. There's another private video in this game's playlist and I really want to listen to whatever it is

  28. Missed opportunity for bluespheres


    Google owns Android which also is the OS of samsung!😳

  30. Bro this game is the shit at my middle school rn

  31. i just saw that silva uploaded more then one rip of this game
    ….words cannot describe how happy I am

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