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[Official] Doodle Champion Island Games – Rugby Theme

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I was fortunate enough to be asked to make the soundtrack for @GoogleDoodles “Doodle Champion Island Games”!
The game has 7 sports mini games with opponents based on Japanese folklore characters, and you can play it on the Google homepage while it’s up, or at if you missed it ^^

The soundtrack itself is mostly 16-bit inspired, with more of my own style mixed in for the music during the animated cutscenes c;

I’m not able to officially publish the soundtrack, but I was specifically allowed to upload the entirety of the soundtrack to my YouTube channel, so consider this the official version of the OST ;D
I’ve been incredibly excited to share this with everyone, and I really hope people will like it! ^^


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  1. Glad I found out about this little game through you, control is difficult, but then I never really was good with a control stick on a phone.

  2. Good fit with the Olympics starting tomorrow!

  3. I was not expecting this. A very pleasant surprise indeed

  4. I just played a little bit of the game and yeah, the soundtrack slaps and it's surpisingly meaty for a google game. Everyone should check it out!

  5. This is so heartwarming to see easily my favorite music producer get to take part in a project like this, its such an honor to see you get so far along the way. Huge congratulations to you! Im so happy to see you grow for the years ive been along for the ride. :'D

  6. 15 videos in just one day :O
    I never thought it could be done

  7. Congrats! Hopefully more people can learn about your music from this!

  8. Making music for GOOGLE?! Such amazingness! Keep up this awesome work ^^

  9. You've came so far, you even make music for Google. Yeah, it's just a Doodle, but that's still a great achievement. Great job Qumu •▿•-👍

    you're spoiling us at this point

  11. I thought those red oni items would hurt me and I completed the game with more trouble than I should have

  12. I'm still so giddy that you were able to this that's so awesome. You were definitely perfect for the job. I'm so happy for you.

  13. Just finished the game and I didn't know you compose the soundtrack? this is so amazing.

  14. Selling your soul to Google, sad! Banger music though.

  15. I was so sure it was you ! I did vibe to this ! Epic

  16. i picked the losing team but eh, I got all scrolls and got to see the ending myself.
    really good game I must say

  17. This has a significant Sonic vibe, and I love it!

  18. It's amazing to see you working on something so big, *sniff* my… dudes growing up.

  19. I just finished the game and it is quite fun and the music is amazing!

  20. Holy SH*T! You got to make this?! Congratulations!

  21. YOU MADE THESE???? I played the google earlier and I really liked the music. I can’t believe you made them! I’ve been listening to your music for years now, congratulations on making an ost!

  22. GJ! ^^ hope it was a cool experience for you!

  23. Literally randomly checked ur page today and now I'm immersed in this cure little game

  24. My brain hurts this is too much good music in one day

  25. I just played the game and then went on youtube to find out you made the music to the game :OOOOO Amazing work <3

  26. Congrats Qumu on getting your first original soundtrack on a game 🙂

  27. This was my 2nd favorite sport, it was super fun!

  28. the reason im retrying rugby for a significant longer time. rugby on this game is scary hard.


  30. So there was a reason to why the google doodle had such good music

  31. holy, it's crazy that you were contacted by google to make official music

  32. Wait a sec, you guys composed the music for Doodle Champion? It's sound great!

  33. No wonder I enjoyed the OST so much, it was you all along!

    This is great stuff for your resumé though, if you ever doubted whether or not you could make good videogame soundtracks, well doubt no more 😉

  34. The metronome part is insanely catchy for some reason

  35. This song fills me with excitement and energy lol

  36. It started with Qumu making songs FROM games…

    Now it escalated to Qumu making songs FOR games

  37. bruh no way i was playing this yesterday then i remembered your channel and found out you made the soundtrack! nice job!

  38. ya me preguntaba porque la musica tenia referencias a nintendo y era tan buena, ahora se la respuesta

  39. You MADE all those songs?! so cool… O.O

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