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[Official] Doodle Champion Island Games – Overworld

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I was fortunate enough to be asked to make the soundtrack for @GoogleDoodles “Doodle Champion Island Games”!
The game has 7 sports mini games with opponents based on Japanese folklore characters, and you can play it on the Google homepage while it’s up, or at if you missed it ^^

The soundtrack itself is mostly 16-bit inspired, with more of my own style mixed in for the music during the animated cutscenes c;

I’m not able to officially publish the soundtrack, but I was specifically allowed to upload the entirety of the soundtrack to my YouTube channel, so consider this the official version of the OST ;D
I’ve been incredibly excited to share this with everyone, and I really hope people will like it! ^^


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  1. CreeperdabsYT Gaming and other stuff says:

    Can you make a 10 hour ver. Or not

  2. Qumu? So it's you who made the soundtrack… Nice job!


  4. i got sad when i couldnt tab out of the game and still have the music playing glad i found this

  5. I had no idea you made these songs… Major pokemon vibes lol

  6. Damn! i thought it was just a remix but i check the description and you made it! makes sense why the music was so good, always consistant with the quality of remixes or new music. Good job!

  7. I hadn't been introduced to you until a few days ago, and honestly I left the doodle games page open on my computer just to have this music play in the background for hours. It's fantastic and you're incredibly talented and skilled at what you do.

  8. Damn this and all the other songs for this game are some of the best soundtracks ive ever heard on a videogame

  9. i was on google and saw the google play thing. I went to your channel and saw the same thing on one of your remixes. I oppened the game and i hear a style of music exactly like yours. I go to one of the videos, look at the description, and i see the crossover.

    The crossover everyone wanted but no one knew they did.

  10. I still can't believe you were hired by GOOGLE of all people to compose the soundtrack for this game.

    But you helped make it the amazing game it is today and I can't imagine it any other way 😀 tysm for making it a wonderful experience!!!

  11. Didn’t know you made this, the music is amazing!

  12. Does this music have copyright issues on twitch? i want to use it on my stream for background song only

  13. still wish you could leave the island after getting all the trophies and go to another islands

  14. Tlaltecutli Guadalupe Herrera Moreno says:

    I love it!!!✨💘💘💘💘✨

  15. I was wondering who made the soundtrack. This REALLY surprised me. Great job!

  16. I'm so in love with the google doodle game and after running the game, I love the music after vibing to it while playing and now i need this on a daily

  17. Do you have tabs to this? Would really like play it!

  18. Wait … you guys made the google RPG themes? :0 I love them

  19. Makes me nostalgic for the DS winter Olympic games island mode 👌

  20. This song is so well made, it perfectly fits the island theme!

  21. This really gives me Gen3 pokemon / rangers/ mystery dungeon vibes

  22. it doesn't get any more snes than this

  23. I've already listened to one of your remixes before until i found out that YOU MADE THE OST FOR THE DOODLE GAMES

  24. Wait.. You did this?? Ome more reason to love it!

  25. i was like searching this for the whole week and found it!


  27. Awesome work on the soundtrack. Love the strong theme throughout all the tracks!

  28. I absolutely love this theme!! It was perfect for the game, glad to discover your work!

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