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[Official] Doodle Champion Island Games – Opening (Cutscene Music)

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I was fortunate enough to be asked to make the soundtrack for @GoogleDoodles “Doodle Champion Island Games”!
The game has 7 sports mini games with opponents based on Japanese folklore characters, and you can play it on the Google homepage while it’s up, or at if you missed it ^^

The soundtrack itself is mostly 16-bit inspired, with more of my own style mixed in for the music during the animated cutscenes c;

I’m not able to officially publish the soundtrack, but I was specifically allowed to upload the entirety of the soundtrack to my YouTube channel, so consider this the official version of the OST ;D
I’ve been incredibly excited to share this with everyone, and I really hope people will like it! ^^


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  1. As soon as I heard this song, I knew immediately that you had something to do with the game or the music. This is incredible! Great job! 😄

  2. I can't believe that you made the sound track on the best game on the front page of the most popular search engine.

  3. Is this not going to be on Spotify

    I hope it will be

  4. Good god it appears that google got a brain and hired the best music creator

  5. Wait, I didn't know Qumu made the soundtrack! That is awesome!

  6. I want to download this music because I like it and I don't know where to download it from. What I can do?

  7. wait, YOU made this song ???!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH

  8. sounds like senpai from friday night funkin' somewhat.

  9. Oh! So you're the one who made the music for the DCIG!

  10. I searched up the soundtrack but I never thought I'd see you again.

  11. The music and the animation are so well synchronized. What was made first, the music or the animation?

  12. Wait…YOU DID THE MUSIC FOR THIS GAME?!??!?! I LITERALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH THE SOUNDTRACK NOT EVEN KNOWING. That's a huge honor…asked by GOOGLE to do the soundtrack. That was by far the greatest Google Doodle I've seen, between the amazing pixel art, overall polish, and of course…the music!

  13. bro…why do this video has 7 dislike like i don't get it

  14. I just want to say I freaking love the music!!! looking forward to more from you:)

  15. this sounds just like the Sonic Lost Worlds theme song

  16. ok but fr this sounded like an anime opening and i loved it

  17. your lazy neighbor • 100 years ago says:

    Bro you did a such amazing job like this deserves million views

  18. I Live In Chrome I Have That Game Too

  19. If the SNES CD-ROM was a thing, this game would go great on this

  20. I’m watching this at 12:00 pm right now and I have no regrets

  21. Wait so you're the guy who created my Spotify playlist? That's crazy!

  22. Currently in the process of trying to make lyrics to this on the beat- wish me luck lol


  24. Hi Qumu!! Great music as always!! Congrats on getting hired by GOOGLE, a big tech giant company people would only dream of working with. Consider this a big step forward in your music career!

  25. o my gosh I played this game so much I im subbed how did I not know

  26. Finding out that Qumu was hired by GOOGLE to compose this soundtrack made my day. I've been vibing to it for weeks and finally decided to add it to my playlist, then I found out that it was made by one of my favorite youtube artists of all time! Thanks for the amazing soundtrack like always Qumu! 😀

  27. I love this soundtrack so much!

    Now if only we had a synthwave remix…

  28. The beginning reminds me of the theme when you encounter Captain Mina in pokemon Ultra Sun /Ultra Moon

  29. Damn, getting hired by google is a BIG accomplishment! Congrats! This sounds amazing!

  30. The whole soundtrack of the game was amazing. Good job on it! But I have a question: What keys are all the songs in?

  31. We're actually doing an FNF mod about Google Doodles and our catgirl Lucky will be in it!

  32. I love how this main melody is reused throughout the whole game but never gets old! Kinda reminds me of what the guys who made Mother 3 soundtrack did.

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