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[Official] Doodle Champion Island Games – Climbing Theme

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I was fortunate enough to be asked to make the soundtrack for @googledoodles “Doodle Champion Island Games”!
The game has 7 sports mini games with opponents based on Japanese folklore characters, and you can play it on the Google homepage while it’s up, or at if you missed it ^^

The soundtrack itself is mostly 16-bit inspired, with more of my own style mixed in for the music during the animated cutscenes c;

I’m not able to officially publish the soundtrack, but I was specifically allowed to upload the entirety of the soundtrack to my YouTube channel, so consider this the official version of the OST ;D
I’ve been incredibly excited to share this with everyone, and I really hope people will like it! ^^


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  1. This game is so difficult for me. I love the music though.

  2. Ah yes, my second least favorite sport

  3. To be honest climbing champion is hard for me (at start it so hard to climb up first grass and climb to last landing) . But the other champion still look easy and normal for me.

  4. WAIT HOLD UP YOU DID THE SOUNDTRACK?? I was wondering why it was such a bop! Great job 👍🏻

  5. 1 person couldn't dodge the falling snowballs.

  6. I gotta addmit, I liked this theme a lot when I did this little minigame. I must say that this one is my favourite of them by far!

    Good Job, I subbed.

  7. climbing is the hardest in terms of getting used to,
    rugby is the hardest in terms of luck,
    but there is one harder than the rest,


  8. Second try. I was so close the first time! Then I gpt combo-ed by snowballs.

  9. Thank you for making this one a good tune, I had to listen to it for a long time on the advanced climbing challenge. I wanna rotisserie that owl in revenge so bad.

  10. This challenge was so hard for me to complete. Poor Lucky falling all the time.

  11. Idk but I can’t pass the secret level of climbing…
    It is too difficult 😣

  12. This is made for climbing, and also give me kind of Celeste vibes, so very accurate
    Thank you so much for this blessing

  13. I felt Celeste vibes the first time I played this level

  14. This is the best one! Congratulations, you're so creative.

  15. Me: I fear no man but those things
    huge snowballs and green grips
    They're scaring me

  16. I tried the minigame and the amazing music is the only thing stopping me form rage lmao

  17. Not really related, but how the Frick do you get the owl (can't remember his name) to the dojo? I completed both climbing stages and checked everywhere on the mountain

  18. The Mountain Climbing was the most difficult segment in the game, i took me about 6 times to reach to top of the second mountain. And this is my favourite soundtrack from the game, it sound somewhat motivational, the motivation that we need while achieving our goal.❤️❤️
    And at last, a big Thank You for composing the wonderful soundtracks for the game.❤️❤️

  19. This sounds like it was a lost Mario kart tune! It's that GOOD!

  20. I got stuck on the hard version of the minigame for about half an hour… and it eventually got more frustrating than fun.

    And yet… despite my association with being annoyed, this song rules. I can't bring myself to hate it; it's so good! 😀

  21. I kinda raged on this one because i kept on missing the moving stones or got hit by the snow or ran out of time

  22. ah yes, the great sound of terror (took me 20 trys to get the scroll ;-;)

  23. HOW DID I NOT REALIZE YOU MADE THE SOUNDTRACK SOONER? It has the same sound that the remixes do!

  24. Amazing song it’s so good that it’s catchy

  25. wait… you made this….

    aLl HaIL qUmU

  26. Song that plays when you challenge fukaro to climbing

  27. this brings back memories… painful memories…

    Bruh who else raged on the secret level of the clibing

  28. This music gave me confident to write exam 😂😂

  29. isn't the same without jumping into a perfectly timed snowball

  30. The music: AMAZING
    The actual sports:
    Swimming: meh
    Climbing: meh
    Rugby: a bit hard
    Skateboarding: idk how to skateboard irl but too ez
    archery: hard I also had to ask my dad to do this one
    Table Tennis: meh
    marathon: extreme difficulty i had to ask my dad to do this one

  31. This is honestly in my top ten games of all time. SO glad to have found the artist hehind this beautiful soundtrack

  32. This is Jedi training, it tests your patience, timing, keyboard skills, and self restraint to not yeet your keyboard/controller at your monitor! 😹😼😻😾

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