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[Official] Doodle Champion Island Games – Artistic Swimming Song 2 (Karaoke)

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I was fortunate enough to be asked to make the soundtrack for @GoogleDoodles “Doodle Champion Island Games”!
The game has 7 sports mini games with opponents based on Japanese folklore characters, and you can play it on the Google homepage while it’s up, or at if you missed it ^^

The soundtrack itself is mostly 16-bit inspired, with more of my own style mixed in for the music during the animated cutscenes c;

I’m not able to officially publish the soundtrack, but I was specifically allowed to upload the entirety of the soundtrack to my YouTube channel, so consider this the official version of the OST ;D
I’ve been incredibly excited to share this with everyone, and I really hope people will like it! ^^


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  1. Aka the song that plays when the game lags the most

  2. I cant believe you did a soundtrack for google, FREAKING GOOGLE, that's so huge, congrats man. You deserve it the most

  3. babe wake up Qumu just dropped the best underwater theme of the century

  4. Sounds like a credit song that tries to make u cry

  5. Yep definitely sounds like a underwater lvl 10/10 soundtrack

  6. No matter what Qumu makes, whether it’s for Google (Congrats!), or just making his Remixes, he definitely makes some awesome tunes!

  7. Super chill animal Crossing vibes from this. Can sit on the couch and just zone to this.

  8. This was so great thanks for gracing us with your epic power!!

  9. So I’m reading the comments and I see that this is for Google? Can someone explain??

  10. Typical water level alright. Awesome! This one is very nice and chill ^^

  11. I've just finished playing this game.
    You did very great on the OST buddy! 😊

  12. i loved this song on the game, went to look for the creator, and found you! awesome stuff man, great job! <33

  13. i replayed the water dance game several times just so i could hear this song. great stuff! :>

  14. What type of this game? I like games like these.

  15. This is my favourite song while playing the doodle game. Thank you so much for creating this Qumu uwu

  16. this is my favorite of the three songs you made for artistic swimming!! after hearing it i knew i had to find the creator or a re-playable version on youtube…thanks for such a cute song!!

  17. Just song is just about ready to appear in any pokemon or nintendo game

  18. my friend called this mini game Friday night funkin, time to commit arson

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