MARATHON BEACH - PART 7 | Doodle Champion Island 2021 -

MARATHON BEACH – PART 7 | Doodle Champion Island 2021

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Welcome to Episode 7 of my Google Doodle Champion Island Games 2021!
We play as Lucky on Champion Island where we play a variety of mini-games, try to defeat all 7 Sports Champions & collect all Sacred Scrolls! 🐱

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  1. I couldn't find the 3rd wood. Where is that. If anybody knows plz tell

  2. i just completed all the quest not these game its so hard how do you do???

  3. Red currently is way in true lead even though blue is at the top. Before at the first blue was at the top. Now red.

  4. I have done 3 scrolls and I have won all tropys

  5. I don't want to sound like a whiner or Karen or anything but I have some complaints about the Marathon that I think make it a little bit unfair.

    1. Some of the other racers have trolly-like body things, so I feel like they are always going to win because they are basically riding some sort of bike!

    2. The other racers don't seem to be affected by the so called "obstacles" that you, Lucky, are supposed to avoid and get slowed down by.

    3. In the rules of the Marathon, it says that to win you have to avoid (all or most of) the obstacles to go faster and win the race/marathon. But there have been multiple occasions where I haven't hit a single obstacle and still came in last. So in a way, the rules do not apply.

    Now this last one is kind of a small complaint about the whole game, but I'll write it here anyway. Btw, if you made it all the way here and read through all my complaints, kuddos to you because I bet a lot of people (possibly including you) are annoyed to see this comment. Anyway, my last complaint:

    (4.) Why does everyone on the island seem to believe that a random calico cat named Lucky (you the player) can beat MASTERS at sport championships? I'm not saying the plot is dumb, and I know that at the beginning the two rock guy things test you and say that you are very strong, but still- isn't it kind of random to just assume tht a random cat will just beat ultamite master minds at some sport game? I don't really know.

    Anyway, thank you if you read all of this and didn't start a whole war in the comment section (lol) and if you don't agree with me or think that you can explain some of my complaints I wouldn't mind that. Byeeeeee!

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