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Japanese Mythology, Tales and Legends in Doodle Champion Island

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Here are some of the real counterparts of the characters in the game doodle champion island. From real monkeys that enjoying being in the hot spring to Kappa mythology, this game included a lot of details about Japanese cultures.

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  1. Princess Otohime is creepy because he is very scary in real life

  2. Bro what have u done to kappa and you forgot the oni and the blue team

  3. The rain dude in bamboo forest is named amefuri

  4. The fox spirit is actually called Kitsune.

  5. its amazing that they made such game with japanese myths 💙

  6. I found momo and the pangolin from pangolin love.


    Another mythology; lucky is a banako a monsterous cat

  8. ツTʜᴇSᴇᴄᴏɴᴅ1̲O̲T̲H̲S̲ʏᴛツ Bʀᴀᴡʟ Sᴛᴀʀs says:

    You miss the Oni and the Team Blue Bull at 0:47 and 1:00

  9. very informative and interesting, thanks for the video!

    also, off topic, i didn't know all this while that you could speed up in the marathon races without pressing the spacebar lol

  10. I did not know that I was in a Japanese lesson while playing a video game.

  11. Amazing how much heart did the devs put into this doodle.

  12. i think its kinda obvious, if you familiar with japan at least for a bit, even i didn't know who's that owl is, the rest was pretty easy

  13. tambem tem o "Urashima Taro, Onis, Amefuri Kozo, Ushi".

  14. I do notice some of the names are heard a bit like japanese, but i never realise most of them are based off japanese legends!! Thx for the theory!

  15. Uhh Myth ig? Umm Dark dimension real or myth idk :(((

  16. Oni is mythological creature

  17. What about Urashima taro? It was kinda sad how he didn't even remember about his mom :')

  18. I saw furko the owl on top he up down his head

  19. Tanuki Looks like Shukaku in a Tea Kettle-
    If you watch Boruto you will Understand me

  20. I knew about the kappas that drowned children in a Japanese ghost story book

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