It's A Giant Oni Face ! | Oni Island Explored | Google Doodle Champion Island Games! -

It’s A Giant Oni Face ! | Oni Island Explored | Google Doodle Champion Island Games!

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The Oni Island most remarkable symbol might just be the oni face stone ( or sculpture ) that you can see from afar. There lives Red and Blue Oni, the Rugby sport champion that has been constantly challenge by Momotaro. Momotaro leaves his home ( Climbing Mountain Area ) and challenge The Oni for the Rugby Sports Champion. Just like the folklore Momotora is accompany by his friends a talking dog, monkey and pheasant. By the way check out Momotaro The Peach Boy folklore, it’s a fun read !

There are Rugby dojo, Red Team Headquarter ( research lab ), the rugby field ( which Momotaro and friends stands on ), a key maker ( smart because hot lava, steel works, metal, and yeah, KEYS ), the former champion ( which also a cat ) who won’t get up, a new harder rugby games ( on new Updates ), a house originally owned by an Oni but later switch with the Baker owner from Tanooki City, the eyes and horns hidden in the area ( which the whole area is basically a big oni face, neat ! ) and …. I’m not sure did I covered all. I hope I did :S

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  1. Hey bro its just a codding not anything about it momotaro is also outside of hut but bro you go in the hut and check but its a game not a real 😅

  2. Could be a reference to ghost boss volcano from magic cat academy 2 At the final bossOni island is volcanic

  3. Rugby level 2 is hard for me. You have to find your teammates. But if you try, you can get better. 😀

  4. When you go to the 'eyes' on the Oni island one of the lava eyes (the right one) has a pointed rock in it which look like slit shaped pupils which cats have so i think it's a cat face.EDIT: maybe the island is shaped like The cat which we find on Oni island AKA the chosen one also known and Calvin

  5. the oni island is a giant grinning oni face

  6. Did you know? When clicking on the compass button or press Backspace, it opens a map and the map of Rugby is also a cat. That is also from the cutscene of Rugby.

  7. You know how when you are looking for cat somebody tells you to look for another cat on the island? The ticketmaster in Tanooki city is a cat too


  9. There's a paralymic game or quest after you've done all the side quest but I cannot find it.

  10. Island is also shapen like Oni’s face

  11. Yo tengo casi todos los pergaminos solo me falta el del rugby

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