I found the Underground Tanooki CIty?! (The Hidden Door) - Doodle Champion Island Games - doodlechampion.com

I found the Underground Tanooki CIty?! (The Hidden Door) – Doodle Champion Island Games

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“I was having fun playing this new Google doodle (Champion Island Games) until I discovered the dark secrets of the Underground Tanooki City. I was lured around the city in places with the same features. At first, I thought it was normal but I was getting a déjà vu feeling until I reached the hidden headquarters of the ushis (Team Blue).. I went inside their so-called “private gym” but it was all a set-up… I was trapped inside their underground city since the ushis barricaded the area. I never thought the Ushi would get their revenge this way, all I did was to select team Kappa and perform skateboard stunts in Tanooki City. However, for them I was only a simple prey to be caught. How ironic that I was named Lucky although I am really unlucky right now. ”
– Lucky the Calico Cat(hlete) , 2021

What do you think will happen next? Will Lucky the Cat be served for dinner? Will Lucky be offered to the gods of ushis? Or will Lucky be able to survive this dilemma, and maintain the balance of the islands?

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  1. Lucky was not trapped, just travel from the map icon 😁, anyway, nice video

  2. hey! you are not trapped fore ever !!!! you may use the compass sign on northwest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Legends still say the lucky cat is trapped in tanooki city
    me : bcoz the guy who is controlling
    him is idiot

  4. Lucky wasn't trap forever if you touch on the sports button of any type using the given on the map you can go there

  5. just teleport to a red gate like table tennis, climbing, archery gate, marathon gate, or rugby gate

  6. That isnt the private gym, that's the dango convenience store

  7. wait do you know any tips on completing the climbing challenge cuz it’s my last challenge and it’s so hardd

  8. Misstah Galuh! the greatest and most awesome fox!! says:

    I think google just got lazy-

  9. Thats fake, when it apears: (LUCKY THE CAT WAS TRAPPED FOREVER) it cuts the video and while he cutted the video he goed to play the syncronized swimming.

  10. lucky the cat trap forever"
    (why these man have tiny brane even kid can
    beat you)

  11. Nah you have to give them water then that area is open fake video

  12. blue team is block because if you ask the builder… and you must do a task

  13. To get out, just click the compass and whack one of the sport buttons (purple, blue …) and your out.

  14. Let me just tell you how to get out of that place. Click on the map, and click on the sports icon of Skate Boarding. Then you actually teleport to the red gate. Now, you can ask the bull what is happening.

  15. This happened to me as well but if u teleport and come back u won't be trapped anymore.

  16. Just use your compass and teleport

  17. u need to take water from the mountain spring to remove those barriers

  18. I'm on Team Green too lol-

  19. you should click on another dojo then again click to skateboarding


  21. Hey you can just click on the button on top left to escape haha

  22. Syrian Sonic 01 | سونيك السوري says:

    Déga Vu??? How a Doodle Game will Use A Terrible magic for a fan game about a hedgehog highest how dead

  23. There are three of this stores .How!?

  24. ik this is fake but bruh you could just tp to another island with the compass

  25. Well, when i try that din't work so i'm not trap.

  26. subway/ underground are the same
    underground is just a British version of subway

  27. nope your not just got to the map and click any challenge youll teleport

  28. lucky: oh hi how can i help. blue bull: i need some fresh water from the hot springs.lucky: ok i will go get it

  29. Does anyone know why they got rid of the ghost on the swimming island?

  30. If you wanna escape use your compass to teleport

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