Google's Doodle Champion Island Game - A Bug I found -

Google’s Doodle Champion Island Game – A Bug I found

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I dont know how I found it, I just searching for the Quest from the frog on Table tennis Area.


  1. YES THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was stuck in the same position, I had no idea we could teleport.

  2. [ ID ]
    Di bagian tempat itu memang ga bisa didatangi karna itu batas dari game nya ( mungkin ) jadi itu bukan bug atau semacamnya , tapi memang seperti itu

    [ EN ]
    In that part of the place it can't be visited because that's the limit of the game (probably) so it's not a bug or anything, but it's like that

  3. hey did you know how to teleport to other places in the start of the game? thanks

  4. Can you show me how to get out of the archery in the dojo part left or right in the entrace

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