Google's Champion Island Games Trophy Guide (100% all original release trophies) -

Google’s Champion Island Games Trophy Guide (100% all original release trophies)

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00:00 – Introduction
00:47 – Hot spring saviour (Row 1, Trophy 3)
02:30 – Construction employee of the year (Row 1, Trophy 8)
03:35 – Race tie breaker (Row 2, Trophy 1)
05:01 – Bakery estate agent (Row 3, Trophy 4)
06:20 – Peach hunter (Row 3, Trophy 2)
07:04 – Royal arrow collector intern (Row 2, Trophy 2)
08:06 – Book enthusiast (Row 1, Trophy 5)
09:00 – Wind Stopper (Row 1, Trophy 1)
10:53 – Ghostly Delivery (Row 2, Trophy 3)
11:50 – Super mountain rescue (Row 2, Trophy 4)
12:43 – Gym motivator (Row 1, Trophy 7)
15:00 – Marathon babysitter (Row 2, Trophy 5)
16:08 – Rain stopper (Row 1, Trophy 6)
17:53 – Artists apprentice (Row 2, Trophy 7)
18:54 – Secret skatepark membership (Row 3, Trophy 1)
19:50 – Hermit enabler (Row 2, Trophy 8)
20:55 – Table tennis bat fetcher (Row 3, Trophy 6)
21:35 – Lighter of lanterns (Row 3, Trophy 5)
22:18 – Cat nap enabler (Row 1, Trophy 2)
22:55 – Lucky arrow retriever (Row 3, Trophy 3)
23:57 – Sister reunion organiser (Row 2, Trophy 6)
26:06 – Trophy master locator (Row 1, Trophy 4)


  1. I think I've found a bug.
    After finishing the lantern quest, I continued to finish others too before returning to the place. When I got there I did not received a trophy for the latern quest

  2. Bro In my game these blossoms started when I took all the scrools and by ur video I was able to complete the last 2 trophies 🙏

  3. I wish we could get on that boat and go to different islands ,do different sports or trophy guides

  4. You're so helpful and I cant thank enough

  5. umm now what i did all the trophies and won all the scrolls like in 2 hours

  6. I need two I did it all by myself but I can't find the former champion and he saying to borther him and in one trophy he said don't worry about it like UGH hopefully this video can give me more infor about the two I'm missing

  7. This was so helpful. I had two trophies that I had to get and could not figure out how to do it. Thank you!!

  8. Now we wait for another Google doodle game involving a cat

  9. Thank you so much for making this video, it helped a lot completing the last trophies!

  10. i searched this video after completing the game. My team kept saying they would soon win the competition… but that never seemed to happen. I got all the scrolls but games didn't seem to finish..

  11. I thought the cat of the trophies was the ticket seller

  12. wait, at the very bottom of the island there is a boat, but when you try to get on it, it says ' i can't leave yet, there are more games to play!' does that mean you can leave after you play all the side games? or you can only leave when the real Olympics are over?

  13. google should make more games like this

  14. man this helped me sooooooo much your amazing

  15. What to do after collecting all scrolls and trophies??

  16. I won everything evan the small matters like 3 sisters even the Trophy masters one. there are 22 trophies. you have to take them all. But after that nothing much, well this is a good game love it.

  17. The game was small it only took 1 day to collect all the trophies . But it was very fun to play. There the game "dancing in the water" and "archery" was little hard.

  18. it really helped a lot now I can show off to my brother that I completed all trophies and he did not.

  19. I had no idea how to get the last one, thank u so much!

  20. Where is that last part where you enter the ship at the south harbor? You left it out intentionally?

  21. got all the trophies tysm! also finished getting the scrolls 😀

    go red team! ❤❤❤

  22. there is also another way of getting into the second gate in the swimming thing which was going into the temple under the bridge and then you'll see a door that is opened a bit then you go inside then you'll be able to go inside

  23. I am PISSED at the Ghostly delivery one…… Said it was in the "bridge garden to the east" and that is very much so WEST. Thank you SO much! I've been lost for so long……


  25. So Momo and Lucky share the same universe? That's like some Game Theory content!

  26. "we're gonna head to the 7 eleven down here" LOL

  27. Thanks!! I had only 3 trophies left but since I didn't play for several days I was a bit lost, this saved me a lot of time 😊

  28. where are all the trophies?
    edit: never mind i found it, its at the end of the video

  29. how do you get off the island? i've done all the sports and trophies but it still won't let me leave

  30. Thank you I got all of the trophies and still thought I had something to do because I got the scrolls before finishing all of the side quests so I didn't find the cut scene to be a finale. I thought I still had more quests to do (such as the ramen bowl one) and was lost!

  31. Recently they added trophies to the bottom right and left corners and i cant find the one in the bottom right corner

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