Google's Champion Island Games Trophy Guide (100% all original release trophies) -

Google’s Champion Island Games Trophy Guide (100% all original release trophies)

Quick Draw
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00:00 – Introduction
00:47 – Hot spring saviour (Row 1, Trophy 3)
02:30 – Construction employee of the year (Row 1, Trophy 8)
03:35 – Race tie breaker (Row 2, Trophy 1)
05:01 – Bakery estate agent (Row 3, Trophy 4)
06:20 – Peach hunter (Row 3, Trophy 2)
07:04 – Royal arrow collector intern (Row 2, Trophy 2)
08:06 – Book enthusiast (Row 1, Trophy 5)
09:00 – Wind Stopper (Row 1, Trophy 1)
10:53 – Ghostly Delivery (Row 2, Trophy 3)
11:50 – Super mountain rescue (Row 2, Trophy 4)
12:43 – Gym motivator (Row 1, Trophy 7)
15:00 – Marathon babysitter (Row 2, Trophy 5)
16:08 – Rain stopper (Row 1, Trophy 6)
17:53 – Artists apprentice (Row 2, Trophy 7)
18:54 – Secret skatepark membership (Row 3, Trophy 1)
19:50 – Hermit enabler (Row 2, Trophy 8)
20:55 – Table tennis bat fetcher (Row 3, Trophy 6)
21:35 – Lighter of lanterns (Row 3, Trophy 5)
22:18 – Cat nap enabler (Row 1, Trophy 2)
22:55 – Lucky arrow retriever (Row 3, Trophy 3)
23:57 – Sister reunion organiser (Row 2, Trophy 6)
26:06 – Trophy master locator (Row 1, Trophy 4)


  1. hey can you make a new updated video? there's a new update in this game that added two more trophies and added harder parts rugby and archery. thank you

  2. wait where is the buy house on the beach achievement

  3. For those who want to find those 2 trophies. The buyer of the house is the crab inside the beach tree. And to find the motivation book, go to the climbing dojo house, meet the bird on the right corner. Oh god I spend nearly 1 hour just to find them

  4. They recently added 2 new trophies but i cant seem to finish 1 of them 🙁 anoyone know which character likes the sea?

  5. To solve the new Trophies:
    Left side Trophy:
    1. Go to the Swimming area
    2. Go west until you find the house across that first bridge, there is a bird inside who is trying to sell a haunted house. she'll tell you she's looking for a buyer.
    3. Go to the beach and path east, then go into the treehouse and through to the secret beach.
    4. Talk to the crab and tell him you found a secret opportunity for a family house.
    5. Go back to the house and that's it.

    Right side Trophy:
    1. Go to the Rugby area
    2. Go northeast and talk to the kid in front of the 2nd ruby challenge.
    3. Pick the third option and he'll tell you he needs a book.
    4. Go to the bookstore in the skateboarding area just west of the teleport
    5. Talk to the bookstore owner, he'll tell you he gave the book to someone at the climbing dojo.
    6. Go to the climbing dojo just east of the climbing teleport, go through the doors and talk to one of the kids at the bottom right, he'll give you the book.
    7. bring it back to the kid and that's it.

    PS. There is some end game Dialogue one you beat the games and complete all the trophies, talk to the people blocking the area where you first entered the game south of the map.

    Quick Draw feel free to add this to the description of the video if you want 🙂

  6. they added two more trophies at the end I think in the empty corners at Row 3. I'm stuck on the house finder one. Not sure if this update was recent.

  7. which one is the one where the person buys the house

  8. There are 2 more trophy at the bottom corners for selling the haunted house to the crab and "Little Motivator"

  9. edit 1: I DID IT I FINNALLY GOT IT now i need to finsish this trophy

  10. In the trophy room how do you get the black wolf inside?

  11. I tried to get all the trophies, but it looks like there was an update that added two more

  12. Can you update this? Row 3 has more trophies now

  13. I just discovered this game today and this vid helped me a lot. Thanks 👍

  14. There are 2 more trophies at current date.
    The blank space on the left and right.

    Left : Where the dance battle is, cross the bridge and you are required to find someone who would buy it. Go the the last part of the Running challenge island, there would be a Crab there. Tell him about a "Special Offer" and "Family House". Go back to the house and you are done.

    Right: Talk to an Oni ( where the rugby challenge is ) that is north from the castle, and get a book for him. You will need to check the library (where the skate challenge is) and talk to the one on the counter, he will tell you to go to the climb temple ( There will be guy on the last room at the bottom right side ). Go back to the oni and give him the book.

  15. Thanks for this tutorial! I finally got all the trophies!

    But i didn't leave the island '____'

  16. For some reason I got 2 more trophy’s and I just can’t get one of them 😭😭😭

  17. thanks while I was searching for my 2nd trophy I got 3 more trophys 🤣😂 Thankyou so much

  18. There's 2 more achievement and I already got it both 🥰 but im here to cheat bc I seriously don't know some of them. Thanks tho!

  19. where IS the trophy room? im lost in the game..

  20. In the trophy house there was a gap at the left and right end

  21. I might have found an ending after this video ends – not sure if it's was mentioned already (Possible spoiler alert!)

    After you finish all the quests and win all the games, head back to the start of the game (where the disembarked from your boat) and speak to the two stone gargoyles. After some discussion, they give you the choice to stay (not recommended as there is nothing left to do) or to leave Champion Island (which is the choice you take). After you choose the option to leave, it transitions to a credits scene as the protagonist sails away


    Google has added two NEW trophies to the game since I made this trophy guide.
    I have just made a new guide for how to get the two new trophies (as well as showing a new ending that they've added!).

    You can check out my guide on finding these two new trophies (and see my first time reaction to the new game ending) in my new video!:

  24. this video is outdated becuase theres 2 more trophies than before

  25. Ah man it’s outdated, there are like 2 new trophies I think. I have all of them except for the master trophy collector one and then a new one where you’ve gotta find someone to buy this house in the artistic swimming area. That’s the only one I can’t figure out, I’ve talked to every single character in the game and no one says anything about wanting to buy a house

  26. The new quest of finding someone to buy the turtles home I can’t figure out

  27. There is an ending if you go to the docks and leave the island

  28. thanks, but i had most of them! Also this game is called Champion Island I think

  29. BUT THE QUESTION IS how the fuck do i get it OFF my home page, how do i make it say "Google" again, and not THISSS??

  30. When I I saw don’t trust the bird I went outside and saw the guy am with the clout grey and say he a an imposter he sus

  31. Thanks 😊 i was stuck in some of them

  32. I would have died with out this tutorial thx

  33. Thank you soo much, you helped me soooooo much with the trophies

  34. Thank you thank you thank k you thank you I needed those trophies

  35. Thank you! you're a time and life or game saver!!

  36. This video helped so much. I had already completed all of the 7 games, but I hadn't gotten the trophies. Thank you so much for this video, it helped me so much on completing the game. Please make more vids like this, I subbed to u (to be honest, most other videos don't really help.)

  37. thanks so much i finally finished the game

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