Google Tokyo Olympics Doodle All Swimming Dance Music 2021 -

Google Tokyo Olympics Doodle All Swimming Dance Music 2021

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Google Tokyo Olympics Doodle All Swimming Dance Music 2021


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Playing as Lucky the Calico Ninja Cat, you can join either the Blue, Red, Yellow, or Green teams, represented by Ushi (a cow), Karasu (a crow), Inari (a fox), or Kappa (a Japanese turtle-like water spirit), respectively. The seven mini-games break down across a several new and returning summer Olympic events, like skateboarding, table tennis, and climbing, each with its own “Legendary Champion” to challenge from Japanese folklore and history.

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  1. I know this video is old but most of the soundtracks in this game are found on the channel Qumu! ( He was the person who officially made the music and was allowed to upload it on his channel )

  2. dude I spent like 2 hours trying to get all perfect, but get a max of 62800 score, it's actually pretty hard and you gotta get lucky on the 10 in a row

  3. do you know how to find other games like that ?

  4. It sound like I should be in initial d I low key liked it

  5. are these actally songs cuz they kinda good

  6. What kind of music genre is 1:24? I like it so much and I need more but I'm so clueless finding another similar music:')

  7. I need long versions of these songs, they are very cool.

  8. if I see one more person call this friday night funkin I'm gonna lose it

  9. 矢印を完璧に仕留めても、ラッキーのダンスがちょっと遅れてるところがKawaii.

  10. 左端の男が表情のせいで、呆れているように見える。

  11. the cursed switched down and up arrows i just cant

  12. pretty hard because the arrow things to hit are circles but not arrows

  13. jajajaja me da ria como se mueves esos muñecos de mierda XD

  14. What score do you need on the 3rd one…
    Im so bad and want to know if i stand a chance

  15. What score do you need to pass this one or how do you pass it I’m struggling 😭😭😭

  16. I had to do this without the music cause I was trying to complete champion island while in class

  17. Wait those are actual songs? 💀 I came here to download and hear the full version of the second song

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