Google Olympic Game - Doodle Champion Island Playthrough (All Trophies Achieved!) -

Google Olympic Game – Doodle Champion Island Playthrough (All Trophies Achieved!)

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Thanks to Google doodle’s teams for this exciting game made for Tokyo olympic this year and I’ve done a full playthrough of this game. Check out this video if you want to find out more about the game and a full walkthrough as well to help you achieve all the gold trophy!!

Animation timestamp
0:12 – Opening
3:10 – Mountain climbing
4:23 – Receive scroll
10:30 – Synchronised swimming
11:49 – Receive scroll
16:31 – Skateboarding
18:18 – Receive scroll
21:21 – Table Tennis
22:41 – Receive scroll
30:14 – Archery
31:34 – Receive scroll
38:07 – Rugby
38:53 – Receive scroll
47:10 – Marathon
50:30 – Receive scroll
50:38 – Ending

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Google Olympic Game – Doodle Champion Island Playthrough (All Trophies Achieved!)
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  1. Hey how to get the lava thingy i don't get it

  2. hei dude pls tell me the trophy dont trust bird ican't go to the portal what should i do

  3. Mountain climbing is imposible on phone

  4. hey how do u get the 2nd and 4th from the top left

  5. 32:00 = oh the text springs is now spings what a accident typo

  6. probably the 3 people that dislikes this video didn't like it cuz it is bad

  7. where can i find the strange boy outside the table tennis dojo? been tryna find it for 20 mins now

  8. The climbing in the hot spring is so difficult

  9. i feel sad that i literally only had one sport left to do ):

  10. where is the sister turtle in yukooni city pls tell

  11. What colour team did you end up joining? I'm hunting for the inside of the Green's team's headquarters because that's the only one I haven't seen

  12. I play on mobile and the cat cant jump high enough to even reach the first stone lantern!

  13. Thanks for the video. I couldnt find the last of the three siblings

  14. Where is Momotaro in the climbing area? I followed the peaches but they just disappered. Im also stuck on where petunia the porcupine is.

  15. i still don't understand how to get the trophy that talks about some kind of ghost???

  16. Where did the kid run off too after you catch her the first time? Maybe I skipped over that part of the video, but I couldn’t see

  17. Took me 3 hours to do everything and get 3 stars in all events.

  18. does anyone know how to do the ghostly figure task?

  19. There's a cryptic message that the crane said when we visit the "Cat Nap Enabler" trophy (Left, 2nd trophy at the top). Anyone have an idea of what it says?

  20. quite high quality for just a browser game!

  21. ก้องภพ แก้วเกร็ด says:

    but what is boat in starting game

  22. when i do the climbing number 2, some holds I can't jump to, for some reason

  23. can you please help me get the 2nd trophy from the first row of the right side of the room.. it tells me to wake up a sleeping former champion and idk who it is, ty!!

  24. Where do I find the ghost's son? I got the scroll, but I can't find him?

  25. the climbing lv2 got me a fking heart attack

  26. where i can find the blacksmith (letter quest)

  27. someone pls help me with the ghostly figure thx
    its the third trophy in the second row

  28. I need help
    After I defeated the guy at table tennis the one where you have to do it 100 times I went to the place to look at the paddle fan thing and it didn’t mention the octopus it said “ that’s the fan Tengu uses as a paddle. It looks so powerful!” Did I miss a step I need help

  29. the clibing game literally cured my low blood pressure


  30. where can i find the bridge garden to complete the ghost thing mission

  31. "…"
    "I can't go now…"
    "There are many sports to win!"
    Girl get in the damn boat.

  32. anyone knows where is yellow headquarter..? I have found all but want able to find just the yellow one. Someone please help!

  33. Can you recommend any similar games? I really enjoyed it.

  34. Ty for the gameplay… oh ya i didnt watch the full video bc i have homeworks but if u didnt know the password is TEA KETTLE

  35. After you won all the trophies, you have to return to the boat which you docked.

  36. Hi, anyone knows where can I find the girl at the beach and also the third sister at the Tanooki City?

  37. I finished it I made some videos of it I love it as this olympics it's the best olympics

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