Google Doodle Champion Island = Stardew Valley | #Shorts -

Google Doodle Champion Island = Stardew Valley | #Shorts

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Google Doodle Champion Island and Stardew Valley have more in common than I thought…
I’m gonna show you how one track from each game both share a similar motif.

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Video by me.

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  1. New orchestra cover (hopfully) coming within the month!If you like AC/DC, you're in for a treat!

  2. I swear, it sounds like you used Minecraft Noteblocks at the ending part for the melody.

  3. I sense a remix mashup.
    Also abeu bobby is probably a bot with a malicious link, please do not click on that link.

  4. Oh my goodness it actually matches so well! Also love that stardew valley piece! its what plays when on the first day on the farm so its very nostalgic for me

  5. So what you're saying is that open world video game composers are uncreative-

  6. I love the explanation like a real music instructor and this is the first we hear your voice! Excited for the AC/DC.

  7. How did I not see this until now lol shorts really don't get seen that much

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