Google Doodle - Champion Island Speedrun (9:30) -

Google Doodle – Champion Island Speedrun (9:30)

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Google released a cute retro game to celebrate the Tokyo Olympic games.

Though it’s no longer on the main page, you can still play it by visiting:

and clicking on the header.

Time includes everything before the final cutscene.

I’ve also started making videos for the Hardmode Challenges:

Archery 2:

Rugby 2:

Climbing 2 Speedrun (29 seconds):

Skating 2 (High score over 2 Million):

P.s. we love playing and making games.
If you’re into roguelites and platformers we’ve been working on one called Aura of Worlds:


  1. No se lo completo porque y los creditos???

  2. Bro you only played games , you didn't helped the people i am bigger pro than you i have did championship atleast three times , now i just i have to know some more hidden games on the island , my record is. 7 minutes and 50 seconds

  3. I did it in 7.34.56 but I don't have the recording

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