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[Google Doodle Champion Island] Side Quest and Extended Game [Timestamps]

Nera Ryx
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Here’s the game:

use the latest version

Side Quest List:

For the 2 last quests in this video:
which is motivation book and house

Super Mountain Rescue
01:34 Accept the quest
02:25 Find super mountain girl

Artist Apprentice
03:57 Accept the quest
04:13 First driftwood
04:53 Second driftwood
(Finished the Race Tie Breaker)
31:49 Third driftwood (at the secret beach)
31:18 Give to the artist

Marathon Babysitter
04:17 Accept the quest
04:40 Find her (first time)
05:27 Find her (Second time)
06:28 Find her (Third time)

Table Tennis Fetcher
04:56 Accept the quest
05:04 Find the table tennis bat
05:17 Give the table tennis bat

Race Tie Breaker
05:45 Info of the tree
06:50 Talk to them
27:57 Talk to bunny at the bakery shop
31:18 Talk to the racer

Peach Hunter (Momotaro)
08:00 Accept the quest
10:32 Find Momotaro
18:12 Talk to the team

Cat Nap Enabler
08:21 Talk to the cat (3rt times? just bothering him)

Bakery Estate Agent
09:09 Talk to the Oni (Accept the quest)
28:17 Talk to the owner of bakery shop
36:05 Talk to Oni

Hot Spring Savior
11:56 Accept the quest
14:30 Talk to Fluffy
18:25 Pick the lava
20:26 Give the lava to Fluffy
21:18 Give to mountain spring’s owner

Royal Arrow Collector Intern
12:36 Accept the quest
12:54 First arrow
12:58 Second arrow
14:17 Third arrow
12:55 Forth arrow
15:56 Fifth arrow
16:48 Give the arrow back

Hermit Enabler
13:00 Accept the quest
18:40 Talk to Hiro
19:14 Talk Petunia

Lucky Arrow Retriever
14:02 Accept the quest
16:56 Pick the arrow
17:42 Give the arrow back

Construction Employee of the year
22:48 Talk to construction employee (Accept the quest)
24:45 Pick the water (at the hot spring)
27:36 Give the water to construction employee

Book Enthusiast
23:12 Talk to Olive (Accept the quest)
23:30 Pick the book (at the library)
24:11 Give the book to Olive

Secret Skatepark Membership
27:20 Talk to the guard of exclusive skatepark
29:31 Talk to fox at the skateboarding dojo
30:14 Talk to the guard

Gym Motivator
28:46 Talk to coach (Accept the quest)
30:24 Talk to Daichi at ramen shop
32:49 Pick the shoes
33:06 Give to Daichi
33:50 Talk to the owner of local shop
34:22 Give to Daichi
35:26 Talk to coach

Lighter of Lanterns
42:26 Talk to fox in the forest (Accept the quest)
43:37 Light the stone lantern

Wind Stopper
43:45 Talk to fox at home (Accept the quest)
46:14 Interact with the fan
47:16 Find and talk to octopus
47:47 Interact with the fan
50:30 Talk to the fox

Rain Stopper
44:09 Talk to the frog near bridge (Accept the quest)
45:39 Talk to Amefuri Kozo
48:46 Talk to the station’s employee
49:10 Talk to the owner of ramen shop
50:07 Give the ticket to Amefuri Kozo
50:41 Talk to the frog

Ghostly Delivery
53:37 Talk to the ghost
54:16 Pick the letter
54:28 Talk to Urashima Taro
59:01 Talk to the ghost

Sister Reunion Organizer
55:15 Talk to turtle
55:56 Talk to the first sister
56:47 Talk to the second sister
58:04 Talk to the last sister
58:21 Talk to the turtle

Trophy Master Locator
(Finish all the side quest)
01:09:19 Talk to the trophy master
01:09:58 Interact to the last one
01:10:28 Talk to the guard of island
01:11:27 Talk to the cat
01:12:38 Go to the whirpool
01:12:57 Talk to momo
01:14:25 Talk to the guard of island

Main Quest
15:10 Arrow
25:00 Skateboard
36:58 Rugby
41:40 Table tennis
51:43 Dance
01:00:23 Racing
01:03:00 Climbing

Extended Quest
21:52 Climbing (at the hot spring)
30:14 Skateboarding (at the tanooki city)
31:54 Racing (at the secret beach)
44:53 Table Tennis 1
50:53 Table Tennis 2
54:51 Dance 1
59:26 Dance 2


  1. wha i did'nt even notice that 😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😵😵😵😵😵😵😭😭😭😭😭😭😤😤😤😤😱😱😱😱😰

  2. btw whitch team are u on i am on the green team😎😎😎😎😎😎😏😏😏😏😏😎😎😎😀😀😀😀😀

  3. Thank you for this! 🙂 But I still can't find the answer of misson 'reunion of father and daughter Kijimuna' anyone knows?

  4. im stuck at Petunia :v the door was locked and my quest cant done how you solve it, i've seen this vid for 15 mins and still cant get it

  5. Watching this b/c I beat the game, but I don't feel like doing the side quests lol. Only did like 2 of them

  6. little fact while i was playing the game. i failed the first tennis sport because i was completely confused then when i went to the tennis region in the game i beat the hardest tennis court first

  7. that giraffe on tanooki city talked about a "secret library", do you know where it is? think it's fake 🙁

  8. how to get the fan 46:37 i am not able to get it it just says it looks powerful

  9. I have completed all side quest trophies and gathered all the scrolls. I got stuck in the drift wood task along the way.. I didn't know there's a lot of side quests in this game. Thankfully I found this video. I also unlocked the extended quests, but I didn't played the other Table Tennis, and Dance quest 😀

  10. im more of a quest person than a mini game kinda person (does that make any sense?) so i pretty much did the side quests rather than try to beat the masters in those mini games haha

  11. Could you show me tips to beat archery? Just beating the final sport to win the game

  12. what should i do after completing everything????????

  13. How I hate this!!.. I've finished all the major and minor tasks and there's nothing else left to do…. and when I get back to the boat the cat says stupidly: Oh, I can't leave now!… There are still sports to win!… Not good In the end work never

  14. What happens after you have all trophys? What is the damn boat for?

  15. i did all the sidequests and just beat marathon today, getting my last scroll. what should i do?

  16. hi, I cant find the quest I am looking for in the timestamps, can anybody tell me how to complete the former champion task? I dont remember what I did to start it and now I dont know what to do

  17. Does anyone know how can i get the cat from the tea kettle?

  18. help me the rawmen shopkeeper is not giving me noodles so i can give it to the friend so they can get side

  19. The cats on the mountain… how do you get them to play Go with you?

  20. Thanks! Now you are with 74 SUScribers!

  21. Remember to talk to the turtle and find the fake Trophy master

  22. Guys there is a new 2 quests on doodle champion island!!

  23. The 2 new quest was added the 2nd one was very hard that we have to find someone who can buy a house in artistic swimming place

  24. help, the quest where you'll need to find the motivation book is really hard to do

  25. This is very useful but there are 2 new ones can you tell me how to get the one in the right bottom?

  26. i got al the trophpys(even the inossible ones) got the ending and left the island.

  27. you need to do stuff i did 2 games and my bro did 4 and you need the 3rd wood? ok go to skateboard and you see the builder right? go tell her and he needs hot spring and oh wait nvm you already know

  28. I remember that i Saw a vídeo where Momo appeared but the background was red, does anyone know how to get there? (Or anyone has the link of the vídeo? Plz help i need it)

    (I think that in the vídeo Lucky said "What ate You doinG here Momo?" And Momo awnsered "actually, i've been Loking for You" or something like that)

  29. I can pass the hard arrow game,did anyone have a tip?Is not fair,he have Transport!

  30. My hard work has come to nothing i choosed the green team now i cant finish the last trophy

  31. ngl the crane part was a bit freaky


  32. I completed all the sports except archery.Archery is tough.

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