Google Doodle Champion Island - Rugby (The Hardest Way) -

Google Doodle Champion Island – Rugby (The Hardest Way)

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00:00 One player
01:48 Team Players


  1. thank you so muchh completing this was soooo frustrating for mee

  2. That's what i was finding for ages. Its the hardest level.
    Thanks very much ……

  3. Oh man ty for sharing this
    I still can't finish this one >:o, I just wanted to see someone else complete it. This is the only video I can find with this version of rugby

  4. For some reason it doesn’t show up in my game even though I’ve 100% the game. Does anybody know how to unlock it

  5. Oh, you were searching for the hole in wall, its at exactly 50 meters

  6. i completed rugby in 4 tries lol i just said " PLEASE- almost rages I HAVE FAMILY " and when i won i prayed to dom toretto same with the swimming one-

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