Google Doodle Champion Island Ride The Boat -

Google Doodle Champion Island Ride The Boat

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What happen next after you done everything in Google Doodle Champion Island? Can you ride the boat in beginning of the game?

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  1. …….. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS AMAIZINGGGGGGG

  2. is the music in-game music or is it music from another site or something

  3. How did you do this please??? Is it possible for me to have a go?? I still cant do the Harder Archery 🙁 Its really difficult. I'm in a Facebook group if you want to come chat. Id like to do a browser cache so i am on all 4 teams & access to all headquarters.

  4. You said that you can ride but you have edited your video because we are not able to ride

  5. I love this Man!!! It really is very sentimental. How are you by the way??? i was wondering if you would help me i cant do the harder archery yet 🙁 could you do a how to?? also could you try to join all 4 teams? at same time? so you can go into all HQs?

  6. I just don't like the loosing fingers part 🙄or snip option. 😭

  7. I have won 6 scrolls and I just need 1 more can you plz tell me how to win rock climbing

  8. Leticya Bellvanya Simanjuntak 1719044 says:

    no way
    how could you do that?

  9. he just kiding don;t trust him

  10. Why Music NO DON'T PUTTING THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  11. FAKE, i finish every thing and lucky still say i have to win some more sport and there still rain, thats mean the game is not done if you want to end game, end by close the tab and restart

  12. Why are people so pressed ab this is a joke :)) u cant get on the ship its just an edit

  13. Is this a hack or can you actually do it and if so how because I have gotten all the trophies and finished the game and it still wasn't availible

  14. come on you just still the island not the lucky house

  15. If u want to know how this could happen
    This guy is using some userscript

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