Google Doodle Champion Island - Overworld Theme REMIX -

Google Doodle Champion Island – Overworld Theme REMIX

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I am speed. The music of Champion Island is super fun (just like the game itself), so I decided to do a quick little remix. While the compositions itself fit really well I personally would have gone for a little more Asian flair in the arrangement, because everything else is super heavy on the folklore side, so I did just that. I hope you enjoy! 😀

No copyright infringement intended.
Original song by @Qumu:

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  1. Love the direction you took! Amazing Work! ^o^

  2. Qumu's music for this game was amazing, and so is your remix! Brilliant work.

  3. TBH i'm not familiar with the game, but if this channel releases something, i'll listen to anything and enjoy it.

  4. This gives me strong Stardew Valley vibes. It's beautiful 💖

  5. Definitely having this on repeat to vibe while speedrunning this game, very nice!

  6. Awesome remix, i like the influence of asian instruments!
    Qumu did very well with his soundrack!

  7. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🐱👈👎

  8. Well this is a surprising entry for sure haha. Really do like the Asian instruments you used.

  9. wow, updating all the titles. I like it, a universal style is usefull, now I will be able to spot a "Raushna Video" instantly.

  10. Love it. So chill. The Asian instruments really are a nice inclusion.

  11. I'm a big fan of the bassline paired with the plucked string leads, awesome work!

  12. Liking the overall feel of this, feels like a super fun place to be. 😀

  13. This is balanced really nicely. Lovely arrangement! 🙂

  14. oh my goodness this is so adorable!

  15. What the… you can't cover this it's too new! Disqualified

  16. I really like this arrangement, it has a soft rock feel to it with a refreshing mix of instruments, and the production is great! Surely a pleasure to listen to, well done!

  17. Such a chill cover! Love the choice in instruments and synth sounds! Great job!

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