Google Doodle Champion Island New Rugby Game -

Google Doodle Champion Island New Rugby Game

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New rugby game in Google Doodle Champion Island is known for its difficulties. But I will make it to higher level by not passing the ball to teammates.

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  1. I can't beat the rugby game when i am playing on windows 10

  2. This guy is a legend, I almost tried 1,000,000 times but still lost…

  3. Running in this game feels like running in a dream istg

  4. Good run man, but you could have done more easily, sometimes in the run you almost lost lol. I managed to do in more or less 1 min with some little training. If you won whit this time, you can do like me, to run without passing in a time of 1 min, trust me my guy

  5. 0:49 See this The org passes through lucky . How is this possible??? this is a fake video.

  6. Love how they just ran straight through a couple Oni’s

  7. como sobreviviste a todos los oni

  8. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!! AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  9. How do you unlock this game? I almost got all the trophies but I still don't have this one… help!

  10. Me who won it without passing it to anyone on first try because i didn't understand what to do when i first played it: 👁️👄👁️

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