Google Doodle Champion Island Games Speedrun (10:14) -

Google Doodle Champion Island Games Speedrun (10:14)

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Not very good but I really enjoy “speedrunning” this game, as it’s not a very good speedrun but oh well xD
If you want the “fullscreen” version I used:
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  1. That was awesome. This version anime was so radical.

  2. wth how did I not know that there is a map to which you can teleport to places

  3. For us playing for one scroll it take 10 min but he finish but he take to finish 10 min14sec world record let's challenge him fight to get scroll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You are a bot I have done marathon in 37 seconds

  5. you are god at this game bro i wish you have 50 million subscribers

  6. i won all the champion ships and helps but it wouldn't let meout like ending the game

  7. nunca puedo ganar ese juego, esta muy difícil

  8. I win the game and i get 3 Dangoes

  9. I get the first time i'd ever seen..

  10. Can we all agree that this is best Google Doodle game ever created

  11. I got 13.01 it was hard because of mountain climb and rugby

  12. Trung tâm dịch vụ Nông nghiệp thị xã Hoàng Mai says:


  13. какая то англиская игра я не знаю во что эти игроки задумали сыграть

  14. Google actually made a good damn game. 11/10

  15. It's just that you don't act like you want to show off, your achievements aren't on the show, but you're stylish

  16. all rounds in the match are not there but you are stylish, you are a stupid person but you are stylish

  17. WoW!AAAAAmaizing bro!i never play that before…it's cool.

  18. When the spamming started to pick up at 8:56, had me rollin! 🤣

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