google doodle champion island games - skateboarding high score 10 million -

google doodle champion island games – skateboarding high score 10 million

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(absolute mastery)


  1. i wonder if it is possible to get higher, if you create a way to slow down the time of the game, almost like TAS, but no luck manipulation.

  2. You're a wizard.

    just linked your video, so expect an influx of viewers. sorry

  3. I think this can get even crazier, there are hide and seek bonuses that add a ton to the score, and so if you get lucky, while playing quite well, you could continuously stack hide and seek bonuses while performing the tricks. Who knows, 50 million might even be possible

  4. Actually I took the time to try and understand how they add the score, I think the hide and seek could certanly help, but anything more than 20 million seems kinda unreasonable, however there is also a fakie strategy that you cold use to increase your multiplier by a decent chunk, however its quite difficult to pull off quickly in many successions

  5. thats very cool, i got a 2 million with the same strategy
    ps:is this tas

  6. i got 2.5 million but the game glitched and after the round ended it just said 0 and didnt count it

  7. I did all the tricks on my channel and got hide and seeks. My final score was 93183

  8. My record is 3 000 000
    Edit: now it's 3 900 000 but because of a bug it's not

  9. My pb is 117,000 about… when this comment was posted

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