Google Doodle Champion Island Games - Princess Otohime - Artistic Swimming (Full Combo, Perfect run) -

Google Doodle Champion Island Games – Princess Otohime – Artistic Swimming (Full Combo, Perfect run)

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Second song:
Third song:

Sport | Artistic Swimming
Legendary Champions | Princess Otohime

Sea if your rhythm is unWAVEring when you visit this champion’s underwater kingdom

High Score: 63,100
Max Combo: 139


  1. In my opinion, the swimming one has to be the hardest

  2. "Seven Months of Friday Night Funkin' prepared me for this day!"

    The up and down notes switched places


  3. I scored 9170, but I guess that is not enough to get 3 points, how much you need??? 😭

  4. Ngl, I had a bit of a hard time due to doing this on mobile. I’m sure this is ultra fun to do on computer

  5. no joke this is actually a really really fun game

  6. finally, i can watch the cat dance without missing a lot of notes

  7. Otohime looks like ballora from five nights at Freddy's ngl

  8. Fun fact:
    This game is much more interesting than the opening of actual Tokyo Olympics 😀

  9. Me: You can tell where this got its inspo from
    FNF fans: FNF! Me: DDR!

  10. This is the one level I can't get past. I'm in awe of people who can do it perfectly!

  11. i love when the purple one hits diff like the long won its so good- sound like fnf tho also

  12. FINALLY, I DID IT! 63100… oh i forgot to press record
    anyway i have the screenshot of the menu screen so its fine, at least it wasn't on any of the other 2 levels

  13. if you're in the yellow team they told you that there are three different song like this one ı don't know? how? 🤔🤨

  14. Can you do the artistic swimming rock song? The one you unlock when you bring the turtle sisters together?

  15. Would this be DDR, Friday Night Funkin, or Club Penguin Dance Battle?

  16. FNF Vs Lucky the Cat needs to be a thing…

  17. Oh, turns out other people on YouTube also have done a perfect combo.
    Still, this is a great run.

  18. google humilliated fnf with a doodle, just epic, better song, cool art, not so basic, simple but catchy and those arrows order and color are better

  19. So this is that Friday Night everyone's been talking about

  20. This was my favorite game. I guess all those hours of playing FNF and FNF mods really paid off.

  21. I wonder if Princess Onohime would be the FNF mod-antagonist who makes that can kind or chan-sound effect that you hear in the beginning. You can even hear that sound in like the instrumental of Ron from the Bob's onslaught-mod, Death By Glamour from Undertale, Blood Sugar by Pendulum, Geometrical Dominator by Waterflame…
    I wonder what that sound is most likely called. But yeah. If someone makes an FNF mod where the one you fight against makes that kind of sound, would Princess Onohime be the one?

  22. 😎😎😎😎😎😎🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  23. fr i cant get 3 stars or balls thingy in over 2 weeks im still trying rn

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