Google Doodle Champion Island Games - Opening Theme [Piano Cover] -

Google Doodle Champion Island Games – Opening Theme [Piano Cover]

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Update (2021/8/2): Link to sheet music below!

The Google Doodle sports RPG is way too adorable, and I just had to cover the catchy opening theme!

Original Soundtrack by: Qumu ()

Sheet music available here (with some minor edits):

(Team Green all the way)

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  1. I love the OST for this game. This cover is amazing and it’s impressive you learned it so fast!

  2. Perfeito👏✨não consigo tirar essa musiquinha da cabeça ksksks

  3. This is amazing!!! Pls do the artistic swimming song no. 3, tyy

  4. can you transcribe it into sheet music mayhaps?

  5. I like to view it as the best game I have ever played myself, because it is very similar to Undertale, which is my favourite game. Both have great soundtrack.

    Thanks for providing fan material.

  6. No way never thought i would actually find this🤣 this is real talent man keep it up🙌🏾

  7. Can you make FNF Piano Cover?

  8. ไบรอั้นเป็นแมวhimlayan says:


  9. First few notes, and already know is gonna be lit

  10. O wow amazing 😮 you are the best

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