Google Doodle Champion Island Games Marathon 400m 0:35:73 -

Google Doodle Champion Island Games Marathon 400m 0:35:73

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2021/07/26 WR


  1. I got 40 today on my second tryI just stayed in one place and got really lucky until the endIt might be a sweet spot actually,where the crabs perfectly miss you

  2. I got a time of 39.26 seconds I thought it was amazing until I saw yours

  3. congrats on the first sub 36!
    didn't think it was possible

  4. ​D​i​a​b​o​l​i​c​a​l​​​​​ S​i​t​u​a​t​i​o​n​​​​​​​ says:

    When you are so fast Krabs are non existent

  5. Didn't You notice, He has hacked the game. Its possible. Just like the dinosaur game can be hacked

  6. WR doesnt count when you are hacking
    get some original content -_-

  7. Damn. I barely finished that thing. Actually I thought this was the second race. You should do that one

  8. 自己記録の42.12でも速いと思ってたのにw

  9. 時間かかってやっと41.86できたのに。。。すごい!!

  10. why does he run through the crabs XD
    And not get hit XD

  11. Lol. Getting sub 40 is painful enough.
    Also. Seems like this is likely the best you could get in this one. He hold right the whole time and didn’t run on sand.

  12. he obviously cheated he was running throught everthing

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