Google Doodle Champion Island Games Glitch% 7:59.95 (WR) -

Google Doodle Champion Island Games Glitch% 7:59.95 (WR)

Kurt Koopa
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Okay, I found something really weird after playing for a little while on this. It’s possible to skip the beginning cutscenes. I was using Opera to help and see if I can boost some speed into the game in some way and during that seeing as it may have failed, I tried playing around with the menu’s and discovered it’s possible to setup a run where all the beginning cutscenes can be skipped. I was able to get it down to 7:59 cause of this, or barely I should say on that.

I’m not gonna hide this because I feel this is cheating since you have to pretty much start a run and rig it from the beginning, and no this is not spliced.

I’m grateful to be a part of playing around with something new and a part of the speedrunning community for the first time and can say I took a world record for the first time in my life, however, I’m gonna categorize this as a glitched run. To anybody reading this, all you have to do is hold your space/a button as your making your way to where you teleported and flip up the menu. Next, you let go of it. You will hear the beginning theme song play of the event you selected, and from there you can teleport to another place during that scene. What happens is that Google is playing a video to you during these cutscenes which explains why they’re not skippable. When you do this, you basically pause the video for the next time you play that map which gets results as you see in this run. You can pretty much skip all the cutscenes if you are able to know when the video ends and can get a faster speed than this. Besides, I can say I was the first to get a run in the 7-minute marker and feel it might be possible for a 6-minute run.

Showing how this was done here:


  1. beat it, btw it's very controversial on the discord server

  2. me who beats this record but forgot to record

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