Google Doodle Champion Island Games - FULL GAME LONGPLAY (Party Hard Ep 318) -

Google Doodle Champion Island Games – FULL GAME LONGPLAY (Party Hard Ep 318)

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To celebrate the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Google Doodle released an AMAZING Google Doodle Champion Island Games game. This is the full game, 100% complete. We had an absolute blast! (and yes, it does save if you leave the game)

This is part of a larger series called Party Hard where Emil & I are playing through EVERY Party Game ever made! It’s pretty insane!
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  1. The soundtrack was made by Qumu and I absolutely adore it.

  2. bro why i can't get into boat i can't leave the island

  3. hey dudes if you come back to the area where the boat is it will ask you to "stay or leave"
    I havent chose an answer yet cause I wanna see others choose first what the outcome is

  4. what happens at the end if you choose to stay? Does anybody know??

  5. ok so..
    u dont need ot do a;ll the chalenges u need to help the people for trophys and u can get ending only then

  6. i was impressed when it saved my progress ya knoe

  7. You can cilck a icon which is on top on your sceen,it faster than walking

  8. But if you wan't to win easy Rugby get the bubble and then go to the lava

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