Google Doodle Champion Island Games for the Japanese Olympics Let's play Playthrough 100% Games -

Google Doodle Champion Island Games for the Japanese Olympics Let’s play Playthrough 100% Games

David William Beck
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As you are no question mindful, today brought the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. However the occasion is disturbing, there’s still a lot of consideration and celebratory connections, with Google Doodle being maybe the most noteworthy. You play as Lucky the Cat, the chosen one! 🐱

For the following week, when you visit the Google search landing page you’ll see the symbol to play Doodle Champion Island Games; it runs in your program like other Google Doodles, and it’s shockingly top to bottom. It is motivated by Japanese folklore, mixing that with seven idiosyncratic adaptations of Olympic Sports to beat. It’s organized like a RPG, with different NPCs to visit and even sidequests to handle; please enjoy! 😄

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00:00 Intro
01:32 Pong
04:20 skateboarding
07:08 DDR artistic swimming
11:27 Archery
13:07 Climbing
14:15 Table Tennis
16:15 Rugby
17:50 Marathon
26:00 winner video

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