Google Doodle Champion Island Games | ENDING & CREDITS -

Google Doodle Champion Island Games | ENDING & CREDITS

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Google Doodle Champion Island Games Ending (The true Ending and Credits scene for Google Doodle Champion Island Games!)

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0:00 Stay.
0:38 No, that’s terrifying.
0:59 I’m ready!
7:27 The End

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  1. I was wondering when you can get on your boat again!

  2. Best ending ever
    everyone will remember this great game forever

  3. I cry :'(
    I don't whould to leave champions yea :'(

  4. What happen after credit? restart from start?

  5. I wouldnt want to leave this game its just too precious :')

  6. Hope it could be an anime so gud dude like youkai watch series

  7. I left the island and it was good but i have to grind the trophies and scrolls again…

  8. So I finished all the sports and collected all the trophies but it doesn't let me get to this point?

  9. Rugby island is a massive smile make me cry its just like leavi i cant say

  10. wow that was a great ending wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I got all of the trophies but the second archery and rugby gates disappeared and I hadn’t beaten either.

  12. It Will Be Weeks And Months Before I Leave Because I Will Leave On My B-Day! C:

  13. i swear i started crying when the end came. There's so many emotions to this game and expression in a way that feels home.

    "Don't be sad it's gone. Be happy it happened."

  14. to get the true ending just help all people and win in champions?

  15. I would have seen the ending if I hadn't gotten stuck on THAT DAM MARATHON MINIGAME ( the harder one

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