Google Doodle Champion Island Games 2021( in Tokyo, Japan 2020) -

Google Doodle Champion Island Games 2021( in Tokyo, Japan 2020)

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Introducing Google’s web-based game 2021 about the Olympics: (in my opinion, the best game that Google has ever released on web flash).
A pretty interesting game in the classic 2D gameplay with quite sophisticated graphics.
You play as a cat and choose your team: red (crow), blue (buffalo), yellow (fox), green (kappa), face the challenge of champions. in 7 subjects:
1. Tennis (oni has wings that fly with a fan)
2. Rugby (2 oni red and navy blue)
3. Skateboarding (Raccoon)
4. Maratong (red mini oni)
5. Swimming (Princess of the Sea)
6. Archery (person horse rider)
7. Climbing (cat owl)
In addition, there is a familiar task system of 2D games, with funny, lovely, and humorous characters, helping to increase the difficulty of the game screens, expand the map and have some hidden games like games. playing video games, chess,…
The game has graphics quite similar to Japan, when there are 7 secret scrolls, the entire map will have beautiful falling cherry blossoms. ( 1 small note is that you can click on the map and teleport there).
Copyright belongs to Google. I do not own any copyright in this video.
You guys can try playing on your phone or computer, judging by your own this game is quite interesting, with many unique features and features of each sport and each character. Thank you for watching!


  1. It's a good game. I suggest joining either the Blue Team (mine) or the Green Team (they need manpower the most).

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