Google Doodle Champion Island Games 2021 | 7 SPORTS COMPLETE GAMEPLAY -

Google Doodle Champion Island Games 2021 | 7 SPORTS COMPLETE GAMEPLAY

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Welcome to the Doodle Champion Island Games! Over the coming weeks, join calico (c)athlete Lucky as she explores Doodle Champion Island:a world filled with seven sport mini-games, legendary opponents, dozens of daring side quests, and a few new and old friends. Her ultimate goal? Defeat each sport Champion to collect all seven sacred scrolls—and complete extra hidden challenges across Champion Island in the purrr-ocess.

Are you feline Lucky 😼? Click on today’s Doodle, join one of the four color teams to contribute to the real-time global leaderboard, and let the games begin!

The game has 7 sports mini games with opponents based on Japanese folklore characters, and you can play it on the Google homepage while it’s up!!
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0:00 – Opening
0:54 – Choose Team
1:27 – Table Tennis
2:00 – Archery
3:31 – Synchronised swimming
5:03 – Skateboarding
7:07 – Rugby
7:51 – Marathon
9:19 – Leaderboard
9:23 Suggested videos to watch next

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  1. That game on Google right? My sister love to play that

  2. Congrats for 100 subscribers though! 👏🏻

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