Google Doodle Champion Island Games 2021 - 7 SPORTS COMPLETE - ENDING 1080p HD -

Google Doodle Champion Island Games 2021 – 7 SPORTS COMPLETE – ENDING 1080p HD

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Welcome to the Doodle Champion Island Games! Over the coming weeks, join calico (c)athlete Lucky as she explores Doodle Champion Island:a world filled with seven sport mini-games, legendary opponents, dozens of daring side quests, and a few new and old friends. Her ultimate goal? Defeat each sport Champion to collect all seven sacred scrolls—and complete extra hidden challenges across Champion Island in the purrr-ocess.

Are you feline Lucky 😼? Click on today’s Doodle, join one of the four color teams to contribute to the real-time global leaderboard, and let the games begin!

The game has 7 sports mini games with opponents based on Japanese folklore characters, and you can play it on the Google homepage while it’s up!!
Learn more:

@STUDIO4C : Champion Island Games Character Design & Animation Services
@Qumu : Champion Island Games Cinematic Score & Ingame Music/SFX

00:00 – Opening
00:53 – Choose Team
01:28 – Artistic Swimming Champion Princess Otohime 🏊
03:13 – Skateboarding Champion Tanuki 🛹
07:10 – Marathon Champion The Kijimuna 🏃‍♂️
09:39 – Side Quest
11:15 – Rugby Champion The Oni 🏉
13:26 – Table Tennis Champion Tengu 🏓
15:53 – Climbing Champion Fukuro 🧗
18:01 – Archery Champion Yoichi 🎯
19:39 – Ending
20:40 – Trophy
23:05 – Thank you for watching 🙂

I do not own the game and the music…
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  1. It makes me feel so good that I beat someone in climbing: my record is in forty seconds when there is still fifty seconds left.

  2. this is actually fun and amazing, 11/10 would do again

  3. Best doodle. Just finished all trophies and it took a couple of hours. What a good game. 🙂

  4. The only one I can't get past is the swimming one.

  5. DISCLAIMER: I spent the last hour writing this in attempt to post it on Reddit, but realized there was a 300 character limit on every subreddit I wanted to post it on so Instead I am just dumping it here. Do whatever you want with it!

    On Friday morning I saw a little cat icon on the google home page and decided to click it. I was NOT expecting an Olympics inspired JRPG! Very early on in the game I was asked to choose a team to become a member of. I talked to the four team representatives and I got normal responses from three of the representatives but the green representative said his name like a Pokémon. Eventually I decided to join the green team because the Kappa are adorable. After joining the green team I talked to the Kappa again and there was a heart by his name when he said Kappa again. I didn’t think much of it until I came across a building with some Kappa around it that was shaped like a Kappa. I talked to a Kappa there and it said it’s name. I thought that it was kind of getting repetitive until I listened to what he said next: Oh wait. You’re a member of team Green, aren’t you? Phew, I can talk normally.” I personally found this completely unexpected and hilarious. The Kappas then informed me that the building I was standing in front of was the green team’s secret hideout. I entered it and was surprised by how cool it looked. The ground was flowing with water and there were lily pads and Kappa throughout the room. I learned soon enough that I needed to earn scrolls to access the other rooms of the hideout. If you’ve played the game you already know most of this stuff. Most people know that all of the hideouts have almost the exact same layout as well. In fact, most of the NPCs in the hideouts have the exact same lines of dialogue as the NPCs in other hideouts. In my personal opinion though, after restarting the game and playing as a member of each team, I have to admit that my favorite team was definitely the green team. Even though a lot of the Kappa said their name and nothing else the ones that said something different (besides the ones in the green team’s hideout they mostly just had generic text) had very interesting things to say. The Smart Kappa, for example, looks like an ordinary Kappa until you talk to him, in which he proceeds to give a speech (with fairly big words in it putting a stark contrast between him and the other Kappa) about how the other Kappa are ignorant and that he has to bear the knowledge that all of the other Kappa lack, which gives him him existential dread. Personally I think this is one of the funniest jokes in the entire game. Most people reading this (if anyone reads this) have almost definitely realized that this is just extremely long green team propaganda (and yes, it is,) but there is a reason I am advertising the prospect of joining the green team. I genuinely do think that the green team has the best hideout (aesthetic wise), the most interesting characters, (the Kappa) and definitely not enough recognition. I do realize that the other team mascot characters have personalities as well (such as the Blue Oxen acting tough, the Fire Birds being powerful but respectful and the Yellow Mythical Foxes being annoying (yes I said it)) but I still think that the Kappa have the most unique and interesting personalities. I normally wouldn’t have written something like this (or at least something nearly as long as this) but looking at the Team leaderboard at the time of writing this, the green team is in dead last and needs more than eighteen million points just to pass the team closest to them on the leaderboard, and needs more than fifty eight million points to get into first place, but I believe that green team can still win this! In order for a green victory though, we need to spread the word to as many people as possible and we need to grind those mini games! Let’s win this competition! #kappajustice

  6. all sport fail
    win in dance swim
    i love the tap tap game
    just like piano tiles to me

  7. finally stay at home lockdown not so boring

  8. Y recuerda, NO CONFÍES EN EL PÁJARO !!!

  9. How do you get this? I just searched up hiyoko saionji then this popped up

  10. i completed all the sports but they didn’t give me the endings 🙁 i just got the cherry blossoms after finishing the last sport but no cutscene 💔

  11. I ended this game today and seeing your video after that

  12. Checked out your channel from a comment on another google doodle champion island playthrough. 100% do not regret it.
    Oh and does team red have a headquarters because I can't really find where it is-and I'm on team red ;-;

  13. when i press space, i always get "you are blocked from exiting by a wall. you should go back for now."

  14. Had to watch the end video cause my computer can't process the damn thing! I had to reload it so many times. But when it actually worked, most of it just kept glitching like a scratched CD. Nostalgic furry.

  15. does anyone know wher to find the monkey in the minigame for the rugby section

  16. how can u pass the climbing one because i played it and don't even passed the checkpoint because i cannot reach it

  17. i've completed all of them but they were so cute- thx google

  18. like this video very much and the challenge is easy ,it's hard to collect all the trophies but i collected all

  19. anyone knows where is yellow headquarter..? I have found all but want able to find just the yellow one. Someone please help!

  20. anybody has tips to finish the arrow game cus mine when it ends it always ends around 8000

  21. What were the sports that yall had a hard time beating?

  22. Still left with the archery, racing and swimming trophies….man those are tough😓


  24. I finished all levels but I want to play more 🙁

  25. the tactic to defeat yoichi is to aim for the red flags they offer less points but increase reload speed and are more common.

  26. In the skating game you can also skate on the black and yellow lines and in that game you have to a the racoon which s hiding in a jar. It is just placed at a random location of the map. you when you got very up there is a black wire one which you can skate. I have played this game before watching your video.😃

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