google doodle champion island game part 5 -

google doodle champion island game part 5

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in this part i was doing marathon in beach with kijimuna but lose 1st time and second there was a electricity cut so my game and computer get switched off next time i will go to climbing area for climbing scroll from fukuro or grand champion of climbing at mountains.
then at tannoki city we will deafet the tannoki or grand champion skateboarding.
it also a the i also said in this video that which game should i would play?
minecraft java edition or robolox pc edition .
please tell it in comments .
i know minecraft is most viewed game in youtube .
but robolx is easy to play multiplayer and i can even play with you easily.
and i want to do a live steam on google doodle seris next viedio at will be at saterday or may be sunday and also tell in comments which one minecraft or robolox please tell in comments.
so thats for today goodbye all.
meet you at next video.


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