Google Doodle Champion Island | Full Gameplay with TIMESTAMPS till end | Walkthrough | Lucky The Cat -

Google Doodle Champion Island | Full Gameplay with TIMESTAMPS till end | Walkthrough | Lucky The Cat

Akshat Shukla
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Join Calico C’athlete Lucky as she explores Doodle Champion Island: A world filled with seven sport mini-games, legendary opponents and dozens of daring side quests.

All 22 Trophies:
Trophy #1: Super mountain rescue
Trophy #2: Hot spring saviour
Trophy #3: Peach hunter
Trophy #4: Cat Nap Enabler
Trophy #5: Bakery estate agent
Trophy #6: Royal arrow collector intern
Trophy #7: Hermit Enabler
Trophy #8: Lucky Arrow Retriever
Trophy #9: Wind Stopper
Trophy #10: Lighter of Lanterns
Trophy #11: Rain Stopper
Trophy #12: Book enthusiast
Trophy #13: Secret skatepark membership
Trophy #14: Construction employee of the year
Trophy #15: Gym motivator
Trophy #16: Table tennis bat fetcher
Trophy #17: Race Tie Breaker
Trophy #18: Marathon babysitter
Trophy #19: Artist’s apprentice
Trophy #20: Ghostly delivery
Trophy #21: Sister Reunion Organizer
Trophy #22: Trophy Master Locator

All 7 Championships:
Tanooki: Grand champion of skateboarding
Kijimuna: Grand champion of marathon
Red and Blue Oni: Grand champion of rugby
Tengu: Grand champion of table tennis
Fukuro: Grand champion of climbing
Yoichi: Grand champion of archery
Otohime: Grand champion of synchronised swimming

0:00 Intro
0:54 Champion Island
1:32 Joining a Team
1:47 Compass to see map
2:12 Fukuro: Grand champion of climbing, Scroll #1
3:24 Super mountain girl quest, Trophy #1
4:30 Hot spring quest for super fire arrow, Trophy #2
5:36 Rugby team captain quest, Momotaro, Trophy #3
5:54 The Chosen one. The former champion, Trophy #4
6:37 The Oni’s dream of being baker, Trophy #5
7:15 Red and Blue Oni: Grand champion of rugby, Scroll #2
8:23 Complete finding Momotaro quest
9:18 Visiting Trophy house
9:37 Meeting the crane, trophy master
10:19 Yoichi: Grand champion of archery, Scroll #3
11:52 The royal arrow collector quest for blue arrow, Trophy #6
12:16 Petunia, letter for locksmith quest, Trophy #7
12:40 Lucky arrow quest, Trophy #8
13:25 Visiting Fluffy’s Arrow Shop for super fire arrow
15:35 Finding lava on Oni Island for super fire arrow
16:09 Tengu: Grand champion of table tennis, Scroll #4
17:55 Stopping wind in village quest, Trophy #9
18:25 Lanterns around the table quest, Trophy #10
19:00 Visiting Tengu for fan
19:45 Stop the rain quest, Trophy #11
20:40 Finding octopus with invisibility cloak
22:20 Visiting Fluffy’s Arrow Shop with lava
23:00 Opening hot spring
23:45 Tanooki, Grand champion of skateboarding, Scroll #5
25:50 Lost book quest, Trophy #12
26:10 Visiting train station for ticket
26:25 EXCLUSIVE skatepark quest, Trophy #13
26:45 Getting ticket from noodle shop owner
27:15 Finding the lost book
27:59 Getting password for EXCLUSIVE skatepark
28:10 Pending construction work quest, Trophy #14
29:22 Visiting hot spring to get fresh water for construction
30:20 Gym quest, Trophy #15
31:45 Finding Taro’s shoes
31:56 Lost table tennis bat quest, Trophy #16
32:07 Secret beach access quest, Trophy #17
32:25 Finding child quest, Trophy #18
32:50 Kijimuna, Grand champion of marathon, Scroll #6
34:40 Sculpture driftwood quest, Trophy #19
36:00 Visiting locksmith
38:05 Visiting water bottle shop
39:20 Otohime: Grand champion of synchronised swimming, Scroll #7
42:00 Old lady ghost quest, Trophy #20
42:30 Three sister’s red gate quest, Trophy #21
43:20 Finding Urashima Taro
44:50 Getting snacks for secret beach friends
45:03 Visiting Baker for Oni’s dream
47:30 Finding last driftwood
48:05 Visiting all three sisters of red gate
52:45 Stopping rain by giving ticket to Amefuri Kozo
54:05 Don’t trust the bird quest (Don’t worry about it), Trophy #22
57:52 Conclusion

Headquarter Location:
Red- Oni Island
Blue- Tanooki Island
Green- Otohime Island
Yellow- Bamboo Town

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