Google Doodle Champion Island Final ENDING + CREDITS ( Leaves Island ! ) -

Google Doodle Champion Island Final ENDING + CREDITS ( Leaves Island ! )

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Google has brought back its largest-ever Doodle game —- Doodle Champion Island —- to celebrate the commencement of the Tokyo Paralympics 2020.

With the new update there are new sports difficulties, npcs, 2 new side quests and finally an ending !

Champion Island Secrets :

Cat Nap Enabler Trophy Guide :

Secret Beach’s Secret Character :

Sunken Red Bridge Trophy Guide :

Doodle Champion Island Playlist :

Thanks for watching !

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  1. To reach the ending of the game you need to complete all the trophies (side quest) and beat all the sports games.Happy gaming !

  2. um i accidentally pick space so I didn't get to see the ending

  3. I'd be honest, the credits music (Qumu's Artistic Swimming Karaoke version) makes me emotional in the credits … Best of luck in your future endeavors, Lucky :3

    One trivia / caveat …

    If Lucky's on the pier to her boat the last time you played this doodle before the Paralympics update … You must use her teleportation skills to get out of there.

    On another note, instead of just clicking 'start new game' in the doodle's settings, bowing out respectfully and resetting your progress / switching teams this way is much more dignified & honorable (albeit taking much longer) for a doodle this brilliantly elaborate & made by people this passionate

  4. I did It Just now, what a wonderful game

  5. How you get there?!
    After all winning games and throphies there is no way out! Going south to the boat these fellas aren't there. It's just as if there is still more to do but nothing to be seen.

  6. I completed all sports in this game and earned six scrolls

  7. "It's nothing…it's just sand in my eyes…."

  8. i accidentally skipped the credits. thanks for lettin me watch them 🙂

  9. The Tails The Fox VA needs to voice Lucky.


  11. Actually – You need to get all the trophies and help everyone. You don't necessarily have to get the best on all the extra levels or even play them at all. I beat it multiple times and tested this by not even trying the 3rd Artistic Swimming Event. The main thing to do is get all the trophies and help everyone. Some of the people you help don't actually result in a trophy

  12. do i need to beat the hard mode games? cause mine isnt loading.. it in fact dosent even have the hard mode rugby

  13. so i ended the game and hearing this song in the credits ending made me regret leaving and restarting the game oof

  14. what happens if you click "no, thats terrifying" at the end?

  15. I thought Lucky the cat was going to another island🙁

  16. actually i finished this game, but i don't want to leave the island 🙁
    look what the sheep said

  17. Im scared af if i should stay or leaveeeeeeeeee

  18. i dont think enough people are talking about the credits song
    its so good

  19. i left the island like a million time by wining everything

  20. I've completed all the challenges/ sports and side quests but it still says I have sports to win. Anyone know how I could fix it or something?

  21. I finally beat the game bruh, the mountain took thirty tries xd

  22. how do you get to this? I have finished the games and trophy case.

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