Google Doodle Champion Island Ending + Final Trophy + Sleeping Champion Trophies Unlocked -

Google Doodle Champion Island Ending + Final Trophy + Sleeping Champion Trophies Unlocked

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Here is how to unlock the sleeping champion and final last trophy guide of the google game.

Champion Island Secrets :

Cat Nap Enabler Trophy Guide :

Secret Beach’s Secret Character :

Sunken Red Bridge Trophy Guide :

Doodle Champion Island Playlist :

Thanks for watching !

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  1. thanks to you i got all the trophies and i already had all the scrolls so ty!

  2. Wow this game out for a few hours and you already have a guide

  3. i have 2 missions left.. the sunken red bridge in the west but I couldn’t figure out, and the trophy the stork said I ‘’almost finished this one”

  4. So it just ends there? nothing else?. I tried going back to the boat, but kitty cat wants to keep playing sports, lol.

  5. I genuinely enjoyed this little game, thanks for the help buddy

  6. This was actually really helpful! I was stuck on the last two trophies, thank you!

  7. Took me about 3 hours to finish n get every trophy. This game was so cute 🥺

  8. Thanks. I didn't know what that last trophy was, when I clicked it in the first time the message "Don't trust the bird" didn't show up.

  9. There is another secret that i cant get, in the island on the west, under the door of the turtles you can see another tiny island with a red door, but idk how to get there

  10. Can anyone tell me how to get into the room with the trophies (the room in the beginning of the video)? I'm stupid, I know.

  11. google really said "let's get them invested in a game about a calico cat that does sports"

  12. what is the one on row one, column 6, next to book enthusiast

  13. Thanks alot very helpful.
    After you best all the competitions and get all the trophies is the game over? Cause I did both and not sure if there's anything else to do.

  14. Wait… Momo is actually came from magic cat academy, right?

  15. this game could totally be anime and I'd watch it

  16. Can you help me find the 3rd wood on the South East beach?

  17. can yall help me im having trouble doing the "olive the otter mission" i need help. i hope some of yall know it

  18. the fact that my life is actually invested in this game

  19. how to do the first one in the third row on left side

  20. This game was so fun! I got stuck on the last trophy for like 15 minutes so ty for this guide.

  21. I've unlocked all the trophies 🥲 what do I do now?

  22. I hope that later this game can be downloaded on the play store when it is no longer on google doodle

  23. were you able to leave the island after getting all the trophy

  24. I don't know you, but once I knew that the trophy master was a cat I thought on the cat of the train station at the city. She was the one who guided me to the sleeping cat at Oni Island :0.

  25. This is the ONLY one I got stuck on at the end. Thanks my friend for making this walkthrough

  26. When i touch the final trophy it says What it is for?

  27. WoW
    From this video I came to know that the black cat of Magic Cat academy is a part of this game.

  28. Thanks for the guide Finally,i tried hours finding this one

  29. WoW amazing …………. Thankyou for your help …..

  30. i almost finished all except the same two in this video …….


    I did finish the "Cat Sleep Enabler" task, but when I go to check the 4th trophy, the bird just says "Oh, don't worry about that. Hee hee." And now I can't finish the task ;u; help

  32. i didnt realize that it was out for a couple of days so i speedran it today…

  33. I'd played this game a few days before but got stuck on some of the trophies and quests so this vid really helped me get on the right track again. I freaked out once I finished the last one.

  34. I was sooo stuck in this stage of the game lol! I was always suspicious of the ship with the pool inside, but I couldn't solve the puzzle of the former chapion

    Thanks for the video!

    Edit: I literally climbed the second mountain 8 times thinking he was the former champion sleeping on the mountaintop

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